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Monday, May 4, 2020

Who is that Masked Woman?

It’s been a while since we ventured out of the house on a trip, that I felt I had to “dress for the occasion”.  Clad in my blue face mask and a pair of disposable gloves to keep my hands clean, I was dressed and ready for action!  I must admit that I felt like a nurse – but on reflection, I wouldn’t have the patience for that profession.

Ready to go

I was on a mission, not to buy food supplies, but something much more serious.  I had used up my supply of cream thread for the sewing machine.  Fox’s Cottage was now taking phone or email orders and was open for contactless collection.  I was given a time slot to collect my order and we drove up straight after lunch.


It was a case of one in at a time at the door, and Luchelle was set up with with a table holding hand sanitiser, a customer register, and pay wave payment option.  Many loyal customers are taking advantage of this Level 3 service during the Covid crisis.  Much appreciated, thanks so much.

Hello  Luchelle, nice to see you again

My parcel was placed on the table for me to uplift, and then we tootled back home.  The mask has been washed, the gloves discarded, hands washed, and I now have plenty of thread again.  Time to relax with a cuppa, after all that excitement, I think.


Sarah said...

Glad your trip out went ok and safely! Enjoy your cuppa and sewing.

Maria said...

Sew good you were able to get your craft supply's and wearing the right gear..
As our store weren't closed they did have sanitiser at the door and tape on the floor to keep us the right distance apart.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

my sister, a nurse - says we shouldn't be wearing the gloves after I mentioned I was going to wear them - she says we are cross contaminating every thing we touch - she says just wash the hands really good after we come home. I was going to wear them grocery shopping. I know some people here are wearing the gloves too - but then others are not wearing their face masks and have no intention to do so - it is so frustrating to see people not wearing them and just going about like they have no care in the world

Julierose said...

Grea that you were able to safely get your thread...I am running low and need to order online...we are still pretty well closed up here...i haven't heard about drive-by pick ups, but then how would I? Since March 10th this isolation has lasted...but safe is the better way for us oldsters...~ ~ ~ waving in the sunshine Julierose:)))

Tired Teacher 2 said...

Similar procedures at stores here. I haven’t ventured out much, but I wear a mask when I do.

Jackie said...

A few of the stores in the larger cities (and some of them in mine) are doing the same thing. Glad you got your thread.

God bless.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Very strange times we are in....Glad your trip was successful x

Karen S said...

Great to see you can get what you need in a very safe way.

Debi said...

Sew darn cute! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get much needed supplies. I think we will all be happy campers once all of this passes and life gets back to "normal."