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Saturday, October 31, 2015


Here we are in rural Kiwitea for the weekend, parked up in our caravan on my daughter’s property.  Nicky asked if I was interested in going to see the Fabric’n’Brac show  in nearby Palmerston North.  Of course I was, it sounded really interesting.  And it was for a good cause too, in support of the local Arohanui Hospice.


The hall was teeming with bargain hunters, all crowding around the various stalls around the perimeter of the building.  Morning tea was available, and ladies were having a cuppa to recover from their shopping.   Nicky and I went our separate ways as we wandered around the hall looking for things which took our fancy.

PA310007 Inside the hall

I had to go around several times, as it was too much to take in at once.  There was fabric galore, buttons, lace, elastic, patterns, books and magazines to rifle through.  Bags of scraps, quilt panels and  fancy sequinned fabric too.  For those who do embroidery, I noticed a whole lot of kits at very cheap prices, some already started, and most had the threads available too.  I needed a sit down and a cup of coffee after all that. 

We sat at one of the round tables and noticed that it had wool and knitting needles and an invitation to “Chit Chat and Clickerty Clack”.    While we were sipping on our coffee, we were invited to take up the needles and knit a few rows.  The Hospice was in need of peggy squares to turn into warm cuddly blankets, and every row helps, we were told.  What a great idea.  Nicky took up the challenge  and did a little knitting, as did others at the tables, I noticed.

PA310008 Daughter Nicky doing her bit as she “clickerty clacks”

So what did I buy?  All of this, various bits of fabric, a bag of new hankies, a Father Christmas pattern, and my best buy, a kit to make a snowman family, complete with pre-cut felt pieces and embroidery threads.  It was a great morning indeed.

PA310010 My bargain buys

PA310011Everything to make my snowman family

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Parcel in the Post

There is something so special about getting parcels in the post.  This one arrived from my quilting pen-friend Rose, who lives in the New Forest area of UK.  It was so lovely to meet up with Rose and her husband Bill when we did our Big OE some years ago, and they made us very welcome for the afternoon.  Rose doesn’t keep good health these days, so I really appreciate her taking the time to remember my birthday.  She sent me a lovely assortment of 10 fabrics, plus a covered notebook.  I’m a great one for always having a notebook in my handbag, so handy for bloggers to jot down a few notes.

PA290065 From Rose, all the way from England

I attended another birthday lunch earlier this week, this time with a group of friends we have known for quite some years.  We all get together once a month, and one of us is responsible to organise the day.  We do all sorts of things, and visit all sorts of places and attractions.  Years ago our outings involved a lot of walking up and down hills, but these days we are a little more sedentary.  After our lunch, everyone came back to our home for birthday cake (my 2nd) and a cuppa.  Robin is wondering how many more birthday celebrations I’m having.  As many as I organise, I told him.  After all, you only turn 70 once!

PA280037 Another birthday lunch

PA280042And another birthday cake

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sew Wot Tuesday with a Difference

Our Sew Wot group of ladies enjoyed a get-together with a difference on Tuesday.  Just for a change we all took a drive up to visit  Aimee’s Homestead Quilt Shop in Palmerston North. Mary kindly collected me from home and we had a little trouble finding the venue.  Never mind – our journey took us down roads we had never travelled before, and we eventually found the road we were after and arrived at our destination.

PA270031 Aimee in her shop

We had a lovely time looking at all the lovely fabrics and notions, buttons, beads and trims, plus plenty of tools.  There was a nice selection of doilies too, and Heather B took several home for a new doily project she is just about to start.  I admired the Christmas fabrics, and the batiks, and pondered over some blacks and greys for my new own project.


PA270035 Lots of lovely fabrics on display

With a metre of Steam-a-seam, and just a little fabric, my purchases were complete for the day.  In fact, most of our group bought a little treasure or two.  We didn’t go hungry either, not with the amount of delicious morning tea Helen had brought along.   Carol helped with making the teas and coffees as required, and we sat around the lovely big table and tucked in. 

PA270026 Helen and Carol organising morning tea

Lots of interesting little parcels came my way during morning tea, birthday gifts from my Sew Wot friends.  Added to the gifts I’d already received from a couple of members, I have been very lucky indeed.  Thank you so much, ladies. 

PA280036  From my Sew Wot friends
There was a group of ladies who come along to stitch regularly sitting at another table and they were interested where we had all arrived from.  We offered them some of our morning tea, and one of the ladies kindly took a photo of us all.

PA270030 The Sew Wot ladies at Aimee’s shop

No sewing got done on our outing, but Helen brought along her Christmas quilt to show us.  It is almost finished, with just a little more of her clever machine quilting needed to be done.  When completed, Helen will hang this in the Cancer Society property, Manchester House, to give the rooms a bit of Christmas cheer.

PA270029 Helen’s lovely Christmas quilt

And just outside the shop were these little darlings.  They had guzzled up their bottle before I had time to whip my camera out, but happily came to the fence when I called.  You can tell I’m a townie, when I get excited about a bunch of little lambs.  Just look at those faces!

PA270034 So cute!

We had a lovely morning, and many thanks to Helen for organising it for us.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Who doesn’t like pressies!

The actual day for my BIG birthday had finally arrived, although I got in early and I’ve already had a couple of celebrations. Although we specified “no gifts” at our family lunch last week, that didn’t stop the wrapped presents arriving.  Mind you, I’ve been guilty of ignoring such a directive myself, as I’m sure we all have.  My son Michael gave me a book about Tom Jones, that gorgeous Welsh singer with such a wonderful voice.  (I’ll be taking Tom Jones to bed with me).  We have been lucky to see him on two occasions over the years when he performed on concert tours  out here to New Zealand.  It goes without saying that I was completely smitten, watching him on stage.  I’m sure he was singing just for me!   My daughter Nicky gave me two vouchers for lunch out at a nice cafe, so that was a very welcome gift too.  Then I received some lovely towels from my sister, plus a bunch of flowers, and a pretty satin jewellery roll from my Aunt Dawn. 

PA230035 Pressies from the family

The postman has been kept busy delivering cards and parcels all week, and although I opened the cards as they arrived,  I patiently waited until the big day before opening the parcels.  I had seen quite a bit about colouring books for adults lately on the internet, and received such a book and a set of colouring pencils from my oldest friend Merilyn.  I imagine this would be quite a soothing and meditative thing to do.  My pen friend Janet from Norfolk, UK, made me the pretty pink and blue purse, and I received a set of New Zealand designed coasters from my younger sister Karla.   And Christmas came early from South Dakota, with a parcel from my pen friend  Carol.  She sent me two wonderful little Jim Shore snowmen figurines, wrapped in Christmas fabric.  I’m getting the figures for my birthday, she said, as she knows I like to put my Christmas decorations out at the beginning of December.  How kind, I love Jim Shore things, and Carol had previously sent me one of these lovely little snowmen a couple of years ago.  So now I have a set of three – she told me they come in a set of four so I’m hoping the last one will wing its way to me for a future birthday. 

PA230036 The post man came calling

Birthday celebrations were suspended on Wednesday with a trip to hospital.  Not as bad as it sounds, no nasty accident, just a small operation in waiting.  My name had finally reached the top of the list, and my presence was requested on Thursday, one day before my big birthday.  The pre-op interview was conducted over the phone, and I was feeling quite pleased with myself as I answered “no” to all the questions.  No, I don’t smoke, or drink, don’t have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, piercings, steel plates or screws, don’t take any medication, etc. etc.  One question really made laugh, when I was asked if I take “street drugs”.   No, again - wouldn’t really know how to find any.

Everyone arrived at the same time and we were settled down on lazy boy chairs in the pre-op room.  I was given a hospital gown, long white socks, a blanket, and a bag for my clothes and sent down to the changing rooms, then to return to my seat and await further developments.   I had seen some of the blokes walk back with those most unflattering hospital gowns gaping at the back and lots of bare skin showing, so I made sure that my blanket was securely wrapped around so I wasn’t giving a peep show to anyone. 

The surgeon arrived with a marker pen and drew on my arm so that she would be sure which arm she was dealing with.  It’s obviously a sign of getting older as this young lady seemed hardly to be out of college.  There was no worry that the anaesthetist wasn’t old enough, he appeared even older than me, and he drolly related all the things which could go wrong while I was out cold.  Soon after, I was wheeled into the operating room, and after three or four tries, the canella was finally inserted in my wrist.  “You’ll be out to it in 15 seconds”, the elderly anaesthetist told me.  And I must have been, because that’s all I remember.

Luckily I survived my time out cold, the offending lump was removed, and I woke up feeling a little groggy but otherwise well enough to have a cuppa and something to eat.  The nurse arrived with a discharge form for me to sign, a few dressings, advice on what to do if I felt unwell, my bag of clothes, and I was free to go.  And with dissolving stitches in place, I don’t even have a follow-up visit.  My hospital adventure was over, we drove back home, and it was an early night for me.  Blessedly pain free, as long as I didn’t lie on the arm with the stitches. 

2015 - 1 Ready for home after the op

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Ladies who Lunch

The “Rangeview Ladies” from our end of the village have been meeting once a month for a social outing, and we take turns organising it.  With October coming up, and my big birthday, I put my hand up to take that month.  Originally, the idea was to meet for Afternoon Tea, but this soon morphed into lunch dates – and why not.  So today, two car loads of ladies drove down to Reds Cafe in Otaki for lunch.

The menu was interesting and quite extensive and we dithered over the options a little.  But with our changeable Spring weather turning cold and windy once again, several of us chose the hearty Seafood Chowder.  What a good choice, chock full of fish, and so tasty.  The other choices looked very tasty too, I have to say. 

PA210031 Rangeview Ladies at lunch

Several birthday cards came my way, which was lovely, one signed by everyone there, so I’m not quite sure when they all got together to make that happen.  And the other two were hand made cards by Gill and Audrey, very clever ladies indeed.  (Card making is not something I have ever got into.)

PA210033So nice to get birthday cards

There was a shop full to the brim with Christmas goodies close by, so we just had to check that out after lunch. There were lots of beautiful things to look at, to pick up and inspect, and to wonder if I really did need one of those or not. In the end I did finally make a small purchase, a little something for Robin which should raise a smile from him at Christmas.  And just how many days till Christmas?  Mr Google just told me it is 64!  Goodness me.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Birthday Celebrations

My birthday celebrations have started early.  I can’t believe that I’m reaching the grand old age of 70 years – how on earth did that happen, I have to ask!  My birthday always falls over the three day Labour Weekend, and nothing, I’m told, should get in the way of a caravan weekend away, big birthday or not!  So we had a family celebration a week early at the Quarter Acre Cafe a little out of town.  It was pouring with rain and blowing a gale, but that didn’t dampen our spirits one little bit.

PA180002 Son Michael flew up from Christchurch to visit his now elderly Mum. 

PA180003   Daughter Nicky with husband Robert arrived for the day from Kiwitea. 

PA180005 My grand-daughter Emma who hates to have her photo taken   

It was great to have my sister Kathleen down for the weekend from Hastings.  Accompanied by my niece Lisa who did the driving, and great-niece Kate who came along for the ride.  They got a guided tour through our new home, as they had not made it down this way since we had moved house.

PA180006   Kathleen, Lisa and Kate

And our very special guest, my Aunt Dawn.  Dawn is my last remaining aunt, and was my Dad’s baby sister.  We were so pleased she could make it, as we had lost touch for many years and Kathleen managed to track her down when she was working on family genealogy.  Dawn had not met some of the family and was thrilled to finally put faces to names.

PA180007 Robin, Dawn and Jenny

We enjoyed a lovely lunch together and then the birthday cake came out with (luckily) three candles blazing.  Don’t think I could have managed to blow out 70 blazing candles without doing myself or the cake a little mischief!  I did the obligatory “cutting of the cake” and slices of the chocolate gateaux was passed around the table and consumed.  It was delicious.

PA180015 Cutting the cake

It was so nice having family members with me to celebrate my milestone birthday, and most followed us back to our home for a cuppa before heading off on their separate ways.  And despite being told “no presents please” I received some lovely gifts.

PA180018 All the girls in the family

But as it’s not quite my actual birthday, the birthday celebrations aren’t over yet.  It will be happening again as I have a couple more celebrations planned over the next week or two.   After all, 70 is a big number to celebrate, wouldn’t you agree?

Monday, October 19, 2015

October Allcomers Stitching Day

I had to miss out on the October Stitching Day because we had a BIG family birthday to celebrate (mine) and family arriving for the weekend.  Which meant extra meals to cater for, and every thing else which goes with visitors arriving.    But I did manage to pop down to the hall for morning tea to take a few notes and photos for the club newsletter.  As soon as I walked in the door, the  ladies burst into song, all joining together to sing me Happy Birthday.  That was so nice, and such a lovely surprise.  Val had baked some of her world famous Ginger Gems to share for morning tea – so kind, she knows I really love them.

PA170072 Val with her Ginger Gems

There were about a dozen happy ladies stitching away.  My Sew Wot buddies Moira and Rae had popped in just for the morning, and were busy doing their hand stitching together at the round table.  Janneke was working on another charity quilt, and Jeannette was finishing off a pair of floor cushions for her grand-daughters.  And I loved Ruby’s project, she was making “Star Burst”, a Susan Claire design.  With all the stars completed, Ruby was now making lots of little filler blocks with tiny coloured squares in the middle. 

PA170075 Ruby’s Star Burst project

Cats seemed to be the flavour of the day, and Madalyn was happy for me to  rearrange her lovely quilt to photograph.  Such happy lovey-dovey cats they are too. Alison’s theme  was cats too.  Her cat blocks with their individual expressions were stitched in a mixture of grey and taupe fabrics.

PA170076 Madalyn’s cat quilt

PA170074 Alison’s cat blocks

I left the ladies to their stitching day and returned home.  With visitors expected for the evening meal I was busy in the kitchen, whipping up a bacon and egg pie, then a rhubarb crumble for dessert, ran around with the vacuum cleaner and flicked the duster around.  Whew!  I needed a sit down after that lot, I can tell you.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Doily Cushion

When we moved to our new home, I decided I would like a chair in the corner of the bedroom.  Not just any old chair – it had to look nice and fit in.  (And not to fling your clothes on either, I told DH, but he doesn’t always listen!)  After our new pale green drapes were made, there was a couple of metres of curtain fabric remaining.  That would do nicely, so I sent one of our old dining chairs to the upholsterers to get recovered. 

As there was still a piece of curtain fabric left, I decided to make a cushion to sit on the chair.  And perhaps make use of a hand made doily I was gifted by a work colleague many years ago    How would that look, I wondered?  So I cut, and stitched,  and this is the result.  One matching cushion for the bedroom chair.  The colour of the fabric did not photograph well, it is really a pale sage green.

PA120048 New cushion on the chair

PA170079 Bedroom corner with chair, and my quilt rack under the window

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Town and Country Quilters October Club Night

Our inspirational speaker for the evening was well known former broadcaster Sharon Crosbie who told us about the trials and tribulations on embarking on a City and Guilds Textile course through distance learning.  She has attained her Certificate and is now working towards her Diploma.  The course is made up of various modules and we were shown multiple samples of the sorts of examples she had to create for the tutors.  This course is not for the faint-hearted and we heard all sorts of tales of things going wrong, light bulb moments of inspiration, and hard dogged work needed to work towards her goal.  (Sadly, I’m sure I would have fallen at the first hurdle).  Sharon shared her recipe for making clay beads with us, and related that this was just one of the new techniques she had to master as she progressed into her course.  Her talk was delivered in her trade-mark beautifully  modulated voice, which we had listened to on TV and Radio over the years, and she had us in stitches as she related one comical story after another of her efforts.

PA140060 Sharon Crosbie

Sharon Crosbie had an outstanding career in broadcasting and she has been awarded an OBE and voted television personality of the year for three successive years in the 1970s. Then in 2004 she was made a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit, for services to broadcasting and the community.  But as well as these awards and many others, Sharon said that she can relate to our group of quilters, as we are all helping to keep the hand crafts alive for future generations.  She truly believes that doing something you love with your hands is better than therapy.  And she said, when she finally achieves her goal of her City and Guilds Diploma, that is the one she will be the most proud of and wants it engraved on her head stone!   And so speaks a true lover of hand crafts.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sew Wots get-together

Yesterday was Tuesday, which meant that it was the Sew Wot fortnightly get-together again.  I’d missed the previous meeting – I was away on a tour around Government House in the big city instead.  We gathered at Carol’s this time, and before we knew it, lots of exciting Show and Tell was pulled out of bags, laid on the carpet, or held up, for us to admire.  We all loved Mary’s latest creation, a bed runner.  This was started at a class way back at the 2009 Symposium and features cats.  Mary has personalised and named each cat in memory of those which have shared her home over the years.  So cute!

PA130002 Hello, Possum

PA130001 Mary’s feline bed runner

“Hostess with the Mostest” Carol had another kiddies quilt ready to go to a child in need.  Not sure what the pattern is called but it a very effective way of using up strips.  Carol is part of a group of ladies who get a great deal of satisfaction out of making quilts for donation.

PA130003 Carol’s charity quilt

Helen then showed us her special buy when she visited an out of town Op Shop recently.  This elegant partly worked cross stitch lady came complete with all the threads, all for the bargain price of $4.  It was smelling a bit musty but after a wash or two it came out as good as new.  Helen has already started work stitching away on this pretty project.

PA130004 Partially completed cross stitch found in the Op Shop

Helen had another treasure to show us – this pretty quilt made with lots of lovely stitchery blocks, framed in florals.  The fabrics were all scraps, we were told.  It’s almost done, just part of the binding to be stitched down.  A real girls quilt, isn’t it.

PA130005Helen’s stitchery quilt

And last but certainly not least was Heather B’s doily quilt.  I can remember when she first started this beauty, and here it is almost done with just the lace sewn on around the edge.

PA130006 Heather’s doily quilt

PA130007The back is pretty too

The rest of us were stitching away on our projects, craft magazines were passed around the room to check out and as usual there was plenty of chatter going on as we discussed this and that. Most importantly, we decided on the date, time and place of our Christmas Outing in December, so we can make the cafe booking for our last get together of the year.  Mention was also made of a Mystery Quilt, to gauge our interest for such a project.  Everyone seemed interested, so Mary and Helen will organise that for the upcoming year.   Carol produced a wonderful Morning Tea, so all in all, we had a great Sew Wot morning together, as we always do.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sashiko Place Mats

Finished at last – my “ever so simple stitching” pair of Sashiko placemats.  Just right for the two of us while we eat our breakfast.  I started this project with fourteen keen ladies on a recent Sunday morning,  at a class with tutor Claire Smith, organised by my quilt club, Town and Country Quilters.  Claire told us some interesting facts about the history of this type of stitching, and then we got to practice drawing lines and curves onto sheets of paper.  I quite liked the curvy design marked with a coin over 1 inch squares, and we were shown how to mark up other designs too, some curved, and some made with straight lines.  Once we were sure of the process, the next step was to mark the chosen design on our fabric.  This was surprisingly time consuming, as the grid lines had to be drawn in first.

My sashiko was done by hand, using green thread on cream fabric.  The stitches should be the size if short grain rice, the tutor informed us – my stitches were more like jumbo sized grains, I have to say.  Others used the traditional dark blue fabric with white thread, and I noticed some black stitching on cream fabric which looked stunning.  At the end of the day I had almost finished stitching my simple design, so I was well pleased with my day’s work.  The design on the other placemat was worked on during a recent club stitching day. 

The place mats were completed with a little wavy machine quilting around the batik borders and then the binding was stitched on.  And the last job of hand stitching the bindings to the back of the place mats was completed yesterday when I was sitting at the dining table enjoying the sun shine streaming in.  There – all done, another job off my list.  I’m quite pleased with them, if I do say so myself.

PA090035  Two shasiko place mats

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Tamarillos for Breakfast and other matters

When I was young we knew this fruit as Tree Tomatoes.  Not nice enough to eat raw, I always found, but delicious when peeled, cut in half and stewed up with just a tiny bit of sugar.  Years later they became known as Tamarillos, goodness knows how that happened.  Perhaps just a bit of creative marketing, I imagine.  Robin doesn’t care for them at all, but I just love them, so buy some over the winter months and cook them up for myself.  So while he had cereal this morning today, I enjoyed this lovely healthy breakfast.  They cook up to such a lovely rich colour, don’t you think?

P8070030 Tamarillos – formerly known as Tree Tomatoes

It’s been a busy kind of week.  After being away in the caravan for the weekend, this week I’ve attended two meetings, done several loads of laundry, and the resulting ironing that follows, and the usual cleaning and cooking duties.  Earlier in the week we drove down to the Kapiti Coast to visit my last remaining Aunt, so that was lovely.  Dawn is always so pleased to see us, and it makes me feel a little guilty for not popping in more often. 

Another job was to complete the monthly quilt club newsletter (I’m the current editor) and send it off to the printer.  I’m always pleased when that job is done each month.  Our cat Muffy usually insists on sitting on my lap when I’m tapping away at the keyboard, so it gets a bit crowded.  She slips and slides around as she tries to get comfortable, and I have to keep re-arranging her legs to stop her sliding off my lap!  Just as well she is a petite little cat and now she is getting on in years she really wants nothing more than stay as close as she can to us. 

P6200014  Muffy likes to keep as close as she can

So there hasn’t been a great deal of creativity happening this week.  A little stitching, a new (small) project cut out, and I’ve been diligently knitting in the evenings while we watch TV.  Must get on with it, don’t know about you, but I’ve got a gazillion UFOs calling my name.  But I think I have an idea for a new plan to cope with them……more on that later.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Visiting Nancy J

It is so nice to meet fellow bloggers who become friends.  So it was in the weekend when I called in to catch up “Nancy J”, Jean in real life, who writes her blog All Points of the Compass.  Robin and I had towed our caravan up to Jean’s home town to stay in the NZCA camp for the weekend, so that I could attend the local quilt show.  What a great show it was.  Then in the afternoon while Robin was avidly watching the All Blacks on TV with a fellow camper or two, I arrange to visit Jean for afternoon tea.

Jean is a very keen photographer, a cat lover with three pussies at home, and a quilter too, so we always have plenty to talk about.  She showed me her lasted creation her “Wiggle Me quilt”  a batik sew along quilt,  joining in with other stitches on the internet.  It just needs one more border, Jean said.  There are lots of wonderful batiks in this quilt.

PA030150 Jean and her Wiggle Me quilt

Like most of us, Jean has several projects on the go.  This is her cutting area, and she is trying hard to use up her batik off cuts in another sew-along project.  And just look at those luscious Kaffe Fasset fabrics in the four patch blocks – Jean won an overseas  voucher and chose these lovely fabrics from Sew Sisters quilt shop in Canada.

  PA030151 Two more quilts in progress

It was great to see Hugh up and mobile again, and to meet the newest cat in the household, young ginger Boris, who was relaxing in a nice sunny spot when I called around.  Thanks for your hospitality Jean, it was great to catch up with you again.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Rangitikei Quilt Show

We planned a caravan weekend away in Marton just so I could attend the Rangitikei Quilt Show.  I know – we could have driven there from home and back on the same day, but having a leisurely weekend away in the caravan is so much more relaxed, wouldn’t you say?  The ladies on duty welcomed me to the show, I paid my $5 entry fee, purchased some raffle tickets, and walked inside the hall.

PA030090 Welcoming committee

PA030134 Overview of the show

As always, there were lots of lovely quilts on display.  Several challenges too, and I loved the Teapot Cosy Challenge, seen on the tables in  the front of the photo above.  My Viewers Choice was this cute little thatched cottage.

PA030139 My choice in the Teapot Cosy Challenge

I hadn’t made my way very far into the hall when I bumped into blog reader Felicity from Norsewood.  Great to catch up again with you Felicity.  And hello to the Wanganui ladies, (sorry I didn’t catch your names), blog readers too. Thanks so much for stopping to re-introduce yourselves to me, and stopping for a chat.  I also met up with several ladies from my former quilt club, Pinestream Quilters, so it was a busy morning catching up with all these ladies.

On to the quilts - “Koru Beach”, by Isla Crawford had a real Kiwi beach theme, such a happy sunny days sort of quilt.  A row-by-row quilt, featuring related icons from beach huts, surf boards, beach umbrellas, even ice cream cones, all decorated with the distinctive koru shape.

PA030096Koru  Beach

Another with a New Zealand theme was “Anzac Poppies”, by Margaret Arama.  Made from poppy blocks won at Feilding Kowhai Quilters, the blocks were set into a banner using a border print found in her stash.

PA030103 Anzac Poppies

Julie Clarke made “Alister’s American Experience” to commemorate her nephew's adventures hunting in American wild parks.  She sent away to USA for the pattern and fabrics to make this stunning masculine quilt.


PA030118Alister’s American Adventure

I couldn’t go past this lovely little Challenge Quilt, made from a song title.  “Ten Guitars” was stitched by Sally Stevens.  I have to admit that this Kiwi classic is one of my all time favourite songs, and not only have I danced to the tune many times, I’ve also very bravely got up on stage with three others and sang along to it. How about that – not like me at all!

PA030128 Ten Guitars

And my Viewers Choice vote went to “In My Garden”, by Maureen Marshall.  Just beautiful – and a little different.  This quilt attracted a lot of interest.

PA030115 In My Garden

Just look at these cheeky faces – my Sew Wot buddies Mary and Helen were enjoying the show too.

PA030138Mary and Helen at the show

Of course I visited the merchants area too down the rear of the hall, finding a few pieces of fabric which insisted on coming home with me.  Although I was quite restrained, just buying for a new project which I’ll be starting soon.   It was a great show, in a nice roomy building, congratulations to Rangitikei Quilters.  Just a reminder – I’m still waiting for a phone call to say I won a fabulous raffle prize!