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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Tamarillos for Breakfast and other matters

When I was young we knew this fruit as Tree Tomatoes.  Not nice enough to eat raw, I always found, but delicious when peeled, cut in half and stewed up with just a tiny bit of sugar.  Years later they became known as Tamarillos, goodness knows how that happened.  Perhaps just a bit of creative marketing, I imagine.  Robin doesn’t care for them at all, but I just love them, so buy some over the winter months and cook them up for myself.  So while he had cereal this morning today, I enjoyed this lovely healthy breakfast.  They cook up to such a lovely rich colour, don’t you think?

P8070030 Tamarillos – formerly known as Tree Tomatoes

It’s been a busy kind of week.  After being away in the caravan for the weekend, this week I’ve attended two meetings, done several loads of laundry, and the resulting ironing that follows, and the usual cleaning and cooking duties.  Earlier in the week we drove down to the Kapiti Coast to visit my last remaining Aunt, so that was lovely.  Dawn is always so pleased to see us, and it makes me feel a little guilty for not popping in more often. 

Another job was to complete the monthly quilt club newsletter (I’m the current editor) and send it off to the printer.  I’m always pleased when that job is done each month.  Our cat Muffy usually insists on sitting on my lap when I’m tapping away at the keyboard, so it gets a bit crowded.  She slips and slides around as she tries to get comfortable, and I have to keep re-arranging her legs to stop her sliding off my lap!  Just as well she is a petite little cat and now she is getting on in years she really wants nothing more than stay as close as she can to us. 

P6200014  Muffy likes to keep as close as she can

So there hasn’t been a great deal of creativity happening this week.  A little stitching, a new (small) project cut out, and I’ve been diligently knitting in the evenings while we watch TV.  Must get on with it, don’t know about you, but I’ve got a gazillion UFOs calling my name.  But I think I have an idea for a new plan to cope with them……more on that later.


Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Perhaps you could put some UFOs up for adoption.

Katie said...

That reminds me of trying to work with a small chihuahua on my lap. My legs would ache from trying to keep her from falling off. They would insist on lying longways….in the groove so to speak. I’d have to put a bathtowel across my lap to keep them from falling through. :-)

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

What a dear little cat you have! I've never heard of tree tomatoes. I'm intrigued and I bet I would like them.