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Saturday, October 31, 2015


Here we are in rural Kiwitea for the weekend, parked up in our caravan on my daughter’s property.  Nicky asked if I was interested in going to see the Fabric’n’Brac show  in nearby Palmerston North.  Of course I was, it sounded really interesting.  And it was for a good cause too, in support of the local Arohanui Hospice.


The hall was teeming with bargain hunters, all crowding around the various stalls around the perimeter of the building.  Morning tea was available, and ladies were having a cuppa to recover from their shopping.   Nicky and I went our separate ways as we wandered around the hall looking for things which took our fancy.

PA310007 Inside the hall

I had to go around several times, as it was too much to take in at once.  There was fabric galore, buttons, lace, elastic, patterns, books and magazines to rifle through.  Bags of scraps, quilt panels and  fancy sequinned fabric too.  For those who do embroidery, I noticed a whole lot of kits at very cheap prices, some already started, and most had the threads available too.  I needed a sit down and a cup of coffee after all that. 

We sat at one of the round tables and noticed that it had wool and knitting needles and an invitation to “Chit Chat and Clickerty Clack”.    While we were sipping on our coffee, we were invited to take up the needles and knit a few rows.  The Hospice was in need of peggy squares to turn into warm cuddly blankets, and every row helps, we were told.  What a great idea.  Nicky took up the challenge  and did a little knitting, as did others at the tables, I noticed.

PA310008 Daughter Nicky doing her bit as she “clickerty clacks”

So what did I buy?  All of this, various bits of fabric, a bag of new hankies, a Father Christmas pattern, and my best buy, a kit to make a snowman family, complete with pre-cut felt pieces and embroidery threads.  It was a great morning indeed.

PA310010 My bargain buys

PA310011Everything to make my snowman family


Nancy J said...

What a great place to be, I missed that. Bargains, and such a worthwhile benefit. Kiwitea, I guess it was cold there this morning, we had 3C very early.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

What fun! Wish there was something like that in Taupo. I like the sit and knit idea.