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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sew Wot Tuesday with a Difference

Our Sew Wot group of ladies enjoyed a get-together with a difference on Tuesday.  Just for a change we all took a drive up to visit  Aimee’s Homestead Quilt Shop in Palmerston North. Mary kindly collected me from home and we had a little trouble finding the venue.  Never mind – our journey took us down roads we had never travelled before, and we eventually found the road we were after and arrived at our destination.

PA270031 Aimee in her shop

We had a lovely time looking at all the lovely fabrics and notions, buttons, beads and trims, plus plenty of tools.  There was a nice selection of doilies too, and Heather B took several home for a new doily project she is just about to start.  I admired the Christmas fabrics, and the batiks, and pondered over some blacks and greys for my new own project.


PA270035 Lots of lovely fabrics on display

With a metre of Steam-a-seam, and just a little fabric, my purchases were complete for the day.  In fact, most of our group bought a little treasure or two.  We didn’t go hungry either, not with the amount of delicious morning tea Helen had brought along.   Carol helped with making the teas and coffees as required, and we sat around the lovely big table and tucked in. 

PA270026 Helen and Carol organising morning tea

Lots of interesting little parcels came my way during morning tea, birthday gifts from my Sew Wot friends.  Added to the gifts I’d already received from a couple of members, I have been very lucky indeed.  Thank you so much, ladies. 

PA280036  From my Sew Wot friends
There was a group of ladies who come along to stitch regularly sitting at another table and they were interested where we had all arrived from.  We offered them some of our morning tea, and one of the ladies kindly took a photo of us all.

PA270030 The Sew Wot ladies at Aimee’s shop

No sewing got done on our outing, but Helen brought along her Christmas quilt to show us.  It is almost finished, with just a little more of her clever machine quilting needed to be done.  When completed, Helen will hang this in the Cancer Society property, Manchester House, to give the rooms a bit of Christmas cheer.

PA270029 Helen’s lovely Christmas quilt

And just outside the shop were these little darlings.  They had guzzled up their bottle before I had time to whip my camera out, but happily came to the fence when I called.  You can tell I’m a townie, when I get excited about a bunch of little lambs.  Just look at those faces!

PA270034 So cute!

We had a lovely morning, and many thanks to Helen for organising it for us.

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Nancy J said...

I popped into Aimee's new place last week, she has an amazing lot of fabric, everything from A to Z for any quilter, and lovely to know she has classes, and so much more.