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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Birthday Celebrations

My birthday celebrations have started early.  I can’t believe that I’m reaching the grand old age of 70 years – how on earth did that happen, I have to ask!  My birthday always falls over the three day Labour Weekend, and nothing, I’m told, should get in the way of a caravan weekend away, big birthday or not!  So we had a family celebration a week early at the Quarter Acre Cafe a little out of town.  It was pouring with rain and blowing a gale, but that didn’t dampen our spirits one little bit.

PA180002 Son Michael flew up from Christchurch to visit his now elderly Mum. 

PA180003   Daughter Nicky with husband Robert arrived for the day from Kiwitea. 

PA180005 My grand-daughter Emma who hates to have her photo taken   

It was great to have my sister Kathleen down for the weekend from Hastings.  Accompanied by my niece Lisa who did the driving, and great-niece Kate who came along for the ride.  They got a guided tour through our new home, as they had not made it down this way since we had moved house.

PA180006   Kathleen, Lisa and Kate

And our very special guest, my Aunt Dawn.  Dawn is my last remaining aunt, and was my Dad’s baby sister.  We were so pleased she could make it, as we had lost touch for many years and Kathleen managed to track her down when she was working on family genealogy.  Dawn had not met some of the family and was thrilled to finally put faces to names.

PA180007 Robin, Dawn and Jenny

We enjoyed a lovely lunch together and then the birthday cake came out with (luckily) three candles blazing.  Don’t think I could have managed to blow out 70 blazing candles without doing myself or the cake a little mischief!  I did the obligatory “cutting of the cake” and slices of the chocolate gateaux was passed around the table and consumed.  It was delicious.

PA180015 Cutting the cake

It was so nice having family members with me to celebrate my milestone birthday, and most followed us back to our home for a cuppa before heading off on their separate ways.  And despite being told “no presents please” I received some lovely gifts.

PA180018 All the girls in the family

But as it’s not quite my actual birthday, the birthday celebrations aren’t over yet.  It will be happening again as I have a couple more celebrations planned over the next week or two.   After all, 70 is a big number to celebrate, wouldn’t you agree?


Kate said...

Happy Birthday Jenny!! How nice to have your family with you to celebrate such a milestone. x

Anonymous said...

Happy 70th! It is a nice age to celebrate. I have it on the best authority, however, that one isn't elderly until 83. =) What a lovely family celebration. I will be lucky if both my sons show up when mine comes in a couple of years. You are a pretty woman, 70 or not. I think it's that smile that lights up your face. =)

nestki said...

Happy Birthday Jenny!
from California

Nancy J said...

All wonderful Birthday Wishes, Jenny. Springtime, a great time for celebrations, I wonder if there will be some fabric in a parcel that you haven't opened yet?

Allison said...

How wonderful to start birthday celebrations early and keep on celebrating. Good for you! Remember you are only as old as you feel. Keep having fun.

Maria said...

Wishing you a very happy 70th birthday Jenny....
How great to have sew many of your family come along for your special birthday...
What a delicious cake....
Enjoy celebrating for the next fe weeks.. XXX

Annette said...

Many Happy Birthday wishes to you Jenny 🎈
Enjoy your ongoing celebrations πŸŽ‰
Lovely to have your special family members to kick it all off πŸŽ‰
Hope there will be more cake to devour πŸŽ‚
Luv Annette πŸŽ‰

Frances Leate said...

Have a very happy birthday Jenny and it looks like the celebrations are well under way.

loulee said...

Looks like you enjoyed your day. Belated birthday wishes. Xx