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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Visiting Nancy J

It is so nice to meet fellow bloggers who become friends.  So it was in the weekend when I called in to catch up “Nancy J”, Jean in real life, who writes her blog All Points of the Compass.  Robin and I had towed our caravan up to Jean’s home town to stay in the NZCA camp for the weekend, so that I could attend the local quilt show.  What a great show it was.  Then in the afternoon while Robin was avidly watching the All Blacks on TV with a fellow camper or two, I arrange to visit Jean for afternoon tea.

Jean is a very keen photographer, a cat lover with three pussies at home, and a quilter too, so we always have plenty to talk about.  She showed me her lasted creation her “Wiggle Me quilt”  a batik sew along quilt,  joining in with other stitches on the internet.  It just needs one more border, Jean said.  There are lots of wonderful batiks in this quilt.

PA030150 Jean and her Wiggle Me quilt

Like most of us, Jean has several projects on the go.  This is her cutting area, and she is trying hard to use up her batik off cuts in another sew-along project.  And just look at those luscious Kaffe Fasset fabrics in the four patch blocks – Jean won an overseas  voucher and chose these lovely fabrics from Sew Sisters quilt shop in Canada.

  PA030151 Two more quilts in progress

It was great to see Hugh up and mobile again, and to meet the newest cat in the household, young ginger Boris, who was relaxing in a nice sunny spot when I called around.  Thanks for your hospitality Jean, it was great to catch up with you again.

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Nancy J said...

Oh dear, I didn't realise I would be in that photo, never mind, I hope everyone looks at the quilt top and not me. Since then, I have sorted fabrics into colours, found some paler batiks, and cut some 3.5 x 3.5 squares.The pile is diminishing quite fast, almost scarily too fast. So glad Robin had company, and Jenny, it was lovely to catch up again.