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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Parcel in the Post

There is something so special about getting parcels in the post.  This one arrived from my quilting pen-friend Rose, who lives in the New Forest area of UK.  It was so lovely to meet up with Rose and her husband Bill when we did our Big OE some years ago, and they made us very welcome for the afternoon.  Rose doesn’t keep good health these days, so I really appreciate her taking the time to remember my birthday.  She sent me a lovely assortment of 10 fabrics, plus a covered notebook.  I’m a great one for always having a notebook in my handbag, so handy for bloggers to jot down a few notes.

PA290065 From Rose, all the way from England

I attended another birthday lunch earlier this week, this time with a group of friends we have known for quite some years.  We all get together once a month, and one of us is responsible to organise the day.  We do all sorts of things, and visit all sorts of places and attractions.  Years ago our outings involved a lot of walking up and down hills, but these days we are a little more sedentary.  After our lunch, everyone came back to our home for birthday cake (my 2nd) and a cuppa.  Robin is wondering how many more birthday celebrations I’m having.  As many as I organise, I told him.  After all, you only turn 70 once!

PA280037 Another birthday lunch

PA280042And another birthday cake

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NickiJ said...

Love that cake, yummy! I reckon any birthday deserves many occasions, treats and outings. Keep enjoying your 70th x