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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Too pretty not to share

My birthday is well and truly over, although the cards are still out on display.  Included amongst them are two rather lovely quilty cards, which I would like to share with you.

Glennis from Chipping Norton, UK,  sent me a hand made card featuring a ginger cat behind an old fashioned crank handle sewing machine.  There is a tiny reel of pink thread attached to the front of the card, and the inside is decorated with baby sized buttons and a piece of tape measure.  It certainly is a lovely card to send to a fellow quilter.  Glennis has travelled out to New Zealand and stayed with us twice over the years.  In fact, Glennis and her friend Sue were staying with us for the royal wedding celebrations, and we had a party night in front of the TV to celebrate.  She returned the favour when we went to UK back in 2008 and stayed at her home for several days.

Card10001 From Glennis

I’m sure that most quilters are familiar with the cards made from paintings by the very talented artist Diane Phalen.  This one is from her painting “Hole in the Barn Door”, and feature colourful quilts, cats of course, and a view of rural Pennsylvania.  Sent to me from my pen-friend Carol of South Dakota, she wrote, “We’ve been quilt pals for how many years?  Knowing you is a plus, so glad to be your friend”.  We have not met up yet, but who knows, maybe one day?

Card10002 From Carol

I enjoy writing and receiving “real” letters, so much more satisfying than an e-mail, I always think.  Luckily my pen-friends feel the same way, there is nothing nicer than when an airmail letter occasionally pops into the letter box, it really makes my day.

Monday, October 28, 2013

More Pressies in the Post

Arriving home from a four day weekend away in the caravan, one of the neighbours presented us with a big bag of mail, including three parcels.  He didn’t want them left out in case they went astray, so kindly collected it all for us.  Plus a fair amount of junk mail too of course, glossy flyers from this and that chain stores, exhorting us to buy up big.  It’s fun when a birthday lasts a while, isn’t it.

My pen friend Janet from Australia was thinking “festive” and sent me a pretty little Christmas wall-hanging made with yo yos, and beautifully decorated with stars and tiny beads.  I will have to find a special place for this little beauty when it is time to start decorating for Christmas.

PA280054 Christmas Tree wall-hanging from Australia

And for something a bit different, Glennis from UK sent me a “Don’t worry – be happy” bag.  Inside is an eraser – to make the little mistakes go away.  Five pence – so that I will never be completely broke.  A marble – for the days when I have lost mine.  Elastic – to help stretch beyond my means, and string to hold it all together.  And when it all seems to fall apart, I have a chocolate treat to remind me that someone cares.  All very clever, and it certainly gave us a chuckle.

PA280056 My “Don’t worry – be happy” bag, from Glennis

And lastly, a plaque to hang on the wall, a gift from my oldest friend Merilyn, of Dunedin .  We go right back to those long ago school days, and she is a true friend indeed.  Such lovely words, and made by “Sentimental Block Art”.  Thanks so much, Merilyn.
PA280055 Lovely sentiments

So that’s my birthday over for another year.  I should really have made myself a birthday cake, after all, Robin got a Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese icing for his birthday last month!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Quilty Birthday Gifts

It’s always fun opening parcels from quilty friends.  I have several pen friends who share my passion for P&Q and we have been corresponding for quite some time.  We don’t bother with Christmas gifts these days but usually share a small gift on birthdays.  I’ve been saving my parcels till the big day, and I found these delightful gifts inside.

Carol from South Dakota had made me  a Coffee Mug cover with a difference.  It has pockets to pop pens and pencils in, so I think it is made for storage rather that to keep the coffee warm.  It comes complete with a pin of an American Angel.

PA230059Coffee cup cover

And look at this beautiful little sea horse which was made by Janet from Cromer in UK.  I’ve had a good look and it seems that the body is made from lots of different sparkly snippets of fabric and thread under a layer of organza.  Such a lot of work – I just love her.  She has to be a girl, as she is so pretty and sparkly, don’t you think?

PA230061 My sea horse from Cromer

Rose lives close by the New Forest in southern England and sent me these two fabrics which she says are the seasonal colours of the forest now the days are getting cooler.  We have been lucky enough to have twice visited this area and  travelled along the winding roads, catching glimpse of the world famous New Forest ponies.  The New Forest was originally a royal hunting preserve, and the thriving working forest  has survived for nearly 1000 years.

PA230057 Fabrics from Rose

So I had a great birthday, with a bit too much yummy food.  And I haven’t even started on my choccies yet, but I expect I will have to share them with Robin.  We are off today on a 4 day caravan trip over Labour Weekend, and have packed my Christmas quilt and the handy unpicker so hopefully I will get a bit of time to work on undoing that machine quilting which I messed up.  Or not, I’ll see how things go.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy Birthday to me

Another year older – and still going strong!  I had a lovely day today, with cards, phone calls and texts from family and friends, plus a few interesting parcels to open as well.  And not forgetting the obligatory photo taken wearing the “Happy Birthday” hat.  The hat was a gift from my friend Merilyn several years ago, and gets trotted out each year – even Robin has to take his turn for a birthday photo.

PA230055 Another year older

Robin didn’t know what to buy me for my birthday, so I gave him a hint.  I just love chocolate peppermint cream chocolates, so that’s what I got, together with a couple of packets of chocolate peppermint biscuits, plus some of my extra favourite boiled sweets for car journeys, acid drops.  Simple tastes, but then, we have a big celebration coming up soon, (more on this later) so that will be a bit more expensive.  Robin went shopping yesterday, bought a fancy carton to put everything in, and wrapped it all up nicely.  He did very well, getting me just what I wanted!

We had a fun day out today, drove approximately 35km down to Waikanae where we boarded the train to Wellington.

PA230004 This way to Wellington

Then we hopped on a big yellow bus through the city to attend to a couple of errands.  This didn’t take as ;long as anticipated so we decided to take a ride on the Cable Car.  Well, what a crowd there was, all with the same idea.  A large cruise ship was in port and it seemed that most of the passengers were taking a ride too.  So we waited, and waited, as the line shuffled slowly forward, and the cable cars came, filled up with passengers, and left.   Soon it was our turn, and we boarded the cable car for the short ride to the top.  There are always such fabulous views, looking out over the harbour and the city.

PA230014 View from the top of the cable car

It was getting on for lunch time, and being the birthday girl, I got to chose where to go.  Kirkcaldie and Stains of course, upstairs in the cafe, known and loved by Wellingtonians for ever.  (I fear I’m turning into my Mother, as she liked to come here too, years ago).  We had a lovely lunch, a tasty fish croquette for me, and a chicken and kumara pie for Robin, all nicely presented with coffee to follow.  Plus a Neenish Tart, for a special treat.

PA230023 My tasty lunch

Suitably replete, we wandered slowly down to the station to board the homewards bound train.  I can’t possibly cook tonight since it’s my birthday, so we are having take-aways for tea, pizza for a change.  Oh dear, it’s all about food today, isn’t it?  Never mind, we are celebrating!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Coffee Club Morning

The monthly ladies Coffee Club morning organised by the local branch of the Cancer Society has rolled around again.  The speaker today was someone we could all relate to, Cancer Support Nurse Jude.  She told about her role and the help and support she and her fellow nurses give to newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families.  Those finding themselves in this sort of situation are understandingly feeling rather shell shocked. Bombarded with all sorts of information from the hospital specialists, it can be very hard to take it all in.  The nurses can help with putting things in perspective, and once treatment has commenced, physical help with dressings is invaluable, and assurances that what one is experiencing is normal can certainly alleviate anxiety.  Nobody can take the fear away, but understanding what is happening is empowerment at this stressful time.   My own particular Cancer Support Nurse (several years ago) was bright and breezy, called into our home regularly, told me what to expect as the treatment progressed, and always had time for a cuppa.  They are worth their weight in gold. 

Our meetings always conclude with a tasty morning tea, all generously contributed by the Volunteer ladies, most of whom are cancer survivors themselves.  A lovely raffle basket of goodies called my name, so I hope I have purchased the winning number, wouldn’t it be great to win?  But if I don’t, I know that my donation has gone to a very worthy cause.

The weather really turned to custard after lunch, with howling winds and driving rain.   A good afternoon to curl up on the couch with my Christmas quilt, get on with unpicking some more of that free motion quilting which resulted in wavy borders, and catch up with watching a couple of programmes we had recorded on My-Sky.
Here’s hoping the weather improves tomorrow as we have a big day out - taking the train to Wellington City.  Should be fun.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oh no – not more unpicking

I thought I was doing so well with my Christmas quilt.  Finally finished quilting around the blocks yesterday, then it was on to the borders today.  Perhaps some free motion quilting around the poinsettia flowers, I thought.  So I sat and stitched for a while, and almost finished one side.  But why does it look a bit wavy down that end?  That won’t do at all – I’ll have to unpick the stitching !*&%# (insert a mild expletive here).

So while I was in the stitching mood I decided to quilt the opposite border, this time doing a large stipple.  That didn’t go well either, another wavy border that will need to be unstitched.  What is going wrong?  !*&%# (things are getting a bit heated here now).

On reflection I don’t think I had pinned it enough, and the layers were obviously moving.  Perhaps the top fabric has a little too much “give”, who knows?  More haste – less speed, perhaps?

But first things first, I’ll be sitting down with the quilt together with the “quick unpick” in my hand for a while, I can see that.  Then, I’ll give the borders a light press, and securely safety pin it all together.  Third time lucky, I’ll try quilting it once again.  If I don’t persevere, I’ll probably never want to work on it again.

PA200013 I hate unpicking!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Navigation Skills Fail Again

Perhaps  I‘ve mentioned that I’m hopeless finding my way around sometimes?  We drove up to Palmerston North today, stopping several times to get the things on my list.  Robin has no trouble negotiating the various twists and turns of this city, but I have to admit that I find it a bit confusing.  Our last stop was at Spotlight – I needed some black homespun to complete a couple of projects.  After waiting, and waiting, (why does this shop only have two people on the counter, when there is a large crowd waiting for service?)  it was finally my turn to be served.  Transaction completed, I recrossed the road, back to the car park.

But where was our car?  I was sure it was on the end of one of those rows.  Up and down I walked, starting to get worried.  Luckily I had my cell phone in my pocket, so gave Robin a call to see where he was.  Just hope he answers, his phone could well have been left at home.

Our conversation went like this:

Me:  Have you moved the car?
Robin:  It’s where we parked it.  Have a look around and you will see it.
Me:  Where?  It’s not on the end of the row.
Robin:  It never was.  Look over here – can you see me waving?
Me: No, I can’t.  Oh, there you are. 

I opened the door and slunk inside, mortified that I had lost the car.  Mind you, they all look the same these days.  My navigation skills have failed yet again!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sew Wots Stitching Morning

The Sew Wots gathered out in the heart of the rural countryside country side today and I drove off up and down unknown roads in the rain.  Luckily I was heading the right way and soon arrived at Helen’s home.  Thank goodness I made it safely and didn’t have to resort to a cell phone call to get rescued.  To tell the truth, navigation to new areas is not one of my skills.

One of the ladies had brought along a whole pile of magazines, so there was not a lot of stitching done as most very busy flicking through the mags, seeing what took their fancy.  Hostess Helen showed us a pile of quilt tops she had recently made, all using 5 inch squares.  Paula arrived a little later with the most glorious Christmas quilt which she was finishing off with some gold stars on top of the trees.  This quilt has her fabulous custom quilting, Rabbit’s Patch Quilting, and is just beautiful.  She will no doubt show her creation on her blog when she has finished with the embellishments.

I did some more stitching on my “Thanks” stitchery, which will eventually be a cushion for my sewing room.  It is coming along slowly, and is my take-away project.

PA150006 What I’m working on

Helen’s beautiful fluffy cat was much admired, and she was quite happy on top of one of the easy chairs keeping an eye on all the ladies who had come to visit.  She rushed down from her perch at one stage, vigorously attacked the scratching post, then jumped back on top of the chair for a bit more R&R. 

PA150003 Helen’s fluffy cat

After a lovely morning tea, we packed up and headed off out into the rain once more.  It is always such a lovely morning when this small stitching group gets together, and I really appreciate being invited to join.  Thanks so much, ladies.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Quilt Fest Part 2

After a quick lunch at home, I returned to the show with friend Dot in tow.  It is always interesting to view quilts with a non quilter beside you.  Not that Dot is a complete novice, she had very competently made her first quilt some years ago, with a bit of helpful advice and rotary cutting from me.  I made a bee-line to Wright Fabrics stall, had been there earlier in the morning but wanted to return with a colour swatch in my hot little hand.  Trying to remember in my mind what particular tone of green I was after was too difficult – I wanted some sage greens for my daughter’s proposed quilt.  Shopping done, it was back to viewing the quilts.

Fay stitched together 10,000 one and a half inch squares over several years to make “The Grand Old Duke of York”.  What a huge undertaking!  Personally, I just couldn’t work with such tiny pieces, so I really admire her skill and perseverance.

PA120022 The Grand Old Duke of York, stitched by Fay

“Matilda’s Waltz” is a beautiful Block of the Month quilt combining pieced blocks and stitcheries, in pretty soft colours, taking Paula three years to complete.  Then expertly quilted on her Long Arm quilting machine. 

PA120015 Matilda’s Waltz, by Paula

There was an admiring crowd gathered around Griet’s “Winter Garden”.  Each individual block is a delight of lace, embroidery and selvedge strips.  This is one of those quilts which really need to be studied closely to appreciate all the handwork which has gone into each block.

PA120011 Winter Garden, by Griet

Robin and I spent a very happy couple of weeks travelling around Ireland some years ago,  so I was very interested in this lovely quilt.  Frances stitched her quilt “Ireland”, using different tones of greens to represent the 32 counties.  Each block shows an aspect of the Irish culture.

PA120024 Ireland, stitched by Frances

I’ve never made a colour-wash quilt myself, and have always admired them.  Mary stitched this beauty, “Dragonflies and Lily Pads”  from a pattern by Whims.  It is so pretty, and I loved the 3D iridescent dragonflies.  How did she do them, I wonder?

PA120026 Dragonflies and Lily Pads, by Mary

And to finish, this bright and cheery Golly quilt caught my eye.  With pieced background blocks, and happy little gollies, or maybe piccaninnies, having a fun time, it is a really delightful quilt.  Sadly, I’m not sure who made it. 

PA120018 Golly quilt

It was great to bump into some of the ladies at the show from my former club, Pinestream Quilters.  A bus .load of them had come up from the Hutt Valley to visit Quilt Fest, and it was lovely to catch up with them again.  And a special hello to my former quilting buddy Jenni F, we used to attend Pinestream club nights together, and now both of us have moved away to different areas.  My friend Dot also met up with people she hadn’t seen for some time, so it a very interesting afternoon.

I had a great day, with a couple of stops at the Quiltstop Cafe to rest and refresh.  Plenty to see and admire, lots of great merchant stalls, the Sales Table, and the popular $5 stand full of bags crammed full of all sorts of goodies, all going out at $5.  Indeed, there was something for everyone.  I came back for the third time later in the day to help with cleaning up, and was amazed that most of the work was already done.  So I demounted some  tables, ready for the nice young man to cart them away, helped load quilt poles onto the back of the ute, gathered up my Santas and went off home.  Congratulations to the organisers and club members of Town and Country Quilters for a wonderful day.

And once home there was a nice surprise waiting.  Robin prepared and cooked our evening meal while I rested my weary feet.  Isn’t he great!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Quilt Fest Part 1

I received my Town and Country Quilters Club badge just in time to wear it at Quiltfest 2013. It was a matter of being up bright and early and down at the Events Centre for the big day.

PA120001 This way to the exhibition

I had put my name down on the roster for the early shift to sell the raffle tickets.  The major prizes were a Bernina 350PE sewing machine,  and a beautiful beach themed quilt, made with blocks stitched by club members, and expertly quilted by Rabbit’s Patch Quilting.  I was selling the $1 raffle tickets, which were for $100 of fuel vouchers, a “money plant” festooned with “scratchies”, or a lovely dolls house. Our little group of raffle sellers tried very hard to get the people passing by to part with a few  extra dollars as they walked up to the hall to view the exhibition. 

PA120005 Get your $! raffle tickets here

It was rather drafty sitting in the corridor, so when the next shift took over I needed warming up with a nice hot cuppa from the cafe.  Then it was on to the exhibition to have a look around.  I loved the large Christmas Corner which was assembled from items loaned by members,  There were Santa's galore, (oh look, there’s my two hand made Santas), Christmas Stockings, and all sorts of Christmas delights, but sadly my photos of this did not come out at all well. 

The organisers had done a great job of hanging the quilts in the exhibition, and it was so nice to take my time and have a good look around.  There was a great selection, and here are just a few which took my eye, starting with this wonderful Christmas Block of the Month stitched by Janelle.  These hand appliquéd blocks are quite intricate, and Janelle has done a wonderful job.

PA120009 Santa’s Flight, by Janelle

“Springtime” had the flavour of a Baltimore, but with a pieced border.  Frances found the pattern in a copy of the APQ magazine, and the quilt is machine appliquéd and machine quilted.  I really liked this, it has a nice fresh look to it, and it would really be the star of the bedroom. 

PA120007 Springtime, by Frances

It was lovely to meet up with blog reader Roz again, who had travelled down from Dannevirke with a couple of friends to view the exhibition.  She reminded me that next time we are staying in the caravan nearby, to pop in again for a cuppa.  It was nice to catch up with you again, Roz.

PA120017 Meeting up with Roz again

Just look at these crazy kitties – perhaps they have been nibbling on some cat nip!  This fun quilt is called “Whiskers” and was machine stitched and appliquéd by the very talented club member Griet.  Any youngster would love this bright and cheerful quilt.

PA120013Whiskers, by Griet

Mmm, these look familiar.  Yellow Ted, Pin Cushion Lady, and Lucy the Rabbit (sitting on the ends of the rows) are mine, and are helping to decorate the hall.  I do hope they are behaving themselves, while they are AWOL from home.

PA120019 Soft toys on display

Then it was time to rush home for some lunch, and contact my friend Dot to see if she would like to come and view the quilts in the afternoon.  More from the exhibition later………

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Town and Country Quilters October Club-night

With our Quilt Fest quilt show coming up fast on Saturday, it was a very busy meeting last night.  Lots of things to cover making sure that everything is running smoothly ready for the big day, and all the myriad of details seem to be well under control.

Our speaker for the evening was Helen, from Wanganui, who told us about her quilting journey.  Like most of us, she learnt to sew at home on the kitchen table, and really hated having to pack up her project when mealtimes came around.  Helen had brought along two big bags of quilts and it was interesting to see how her ideas and tastes had changed over the years from traditional to more arty quilts.  This piece is heavily machine stitched in a variety of colours and threads, and represents a braided river.

PA090035  Our speaker Helen and her braided river wall-hanging

While Helen was speaking, I was wondering where I had seen her before.  Then the penny dropped.  She is the writer of Honey Bunch Quilting blog, and a regular reader of this blog, she told me.  It’s rather like thinking you know the TV actors whose shows beam into the living room regularly, I had seen Helen’s photo on her blog and recognised her from that.   Some of the quilts she brought along to show us are featured on her blog.  It was so lovely to meet you, Helen.

Our guest speaker’s other duty for the evening was to judge the Challenge entries for our upcoming quilt show.  The participants had to use a small piece of green patterned fabric to the best advantage, and add whatever other fabrics they desired to make a cot quilt.  The category winners were Intermediate, Advanced, and Judges Choice.

PA090026 Kathy’s cot quilt, 1st in the Intermediate section

PA090024 Paula won the Advanced prize

PA090021Helen had made two cot quilts and won Judge’s Choice for the quilt on the left

After the club raffle draw (no, I didn’t win yet again) our members Show and Tell took place.  Cheryl has fallen in love with the endless possibilities of the kaleidoscope design, and brought along three is this series to show us.  Although I only managed to take photos of two of them, one bright, and one soft and pale.  It is intriguing how different the blocks are when they are cut from the same fabric.

PA090034 Cheryl’s bright kaleidoscope quilt

PA090031 Same design, but so different

Everyone loved Heather’s Japanese Traditions quilt with those beautiful sashiko panels.  Such a lot of stitching, and the dark panels look so nice against the Japanese fabrics.

PA090029Japanese Traditions, by Heather

Helen has been really busy, it seems.  As well as stitching two cot quilts for the challenge, she also completed this lovely quilt in time for this month’s Show and Tell.  The colours in Triangle Tango are lovely, and the quilt is nicely finished with the triangle border.

PA090028Helen’s Triangle Tango 

I couldn’t attend the previous month’s meeting as I was feeling rather poorly, so it was good to catch up with everyone this time around.  And don’t forget, all local quilters, about our Quilt Fest Show on Saturday 12th October, at the  Horowhenua Events Centre,  Victoria Street, Levin.  From  9 am – 4pm,   $5 entry.  See you there!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Last look at Marton Quilt Show

I’ve been waiting for the phone call, but it seems that I didn’t win one of those huge gift baskets at the Marton Quilt Show after all.  Oh dear – I was so looking forward to collecting my prize.  Never mind, I’m sure the winners will be enjoying all those exciting goodies packed in the baskets. 

With so many lovely quilts on display I’ll show you a few more which took my fancy, starting with this gorgeous piccaninny quilt.  Called “Friends”, this was a kit set quilt from Cherry Pie quilt shop, and stitched by Elaine Butterfield.

PA050029 Friends, by Elaine Butterfield

“Flower Patch” certainly says Spring, doesn’t it?  Made by Jean Fuldseth using her own hand dyed fabrics, it certainly is pretty as a flower garden.

PA050063 Flower Patch, by Jean Fuldseth

There has been quite a uproar here in New Zealand recently when the government reduced the snapper fishing limit daily catch for recreational fishermen from nine to three.  After the fishermen loudly complained this low limit was changed to seven per day, with an increase on the length of the fish.  Marlene Gordon said she couldn’t resist making this wall-hanging for her fisherman husband for Christmas.

PA050052The New Snapper Limit, Yeah Right!, by Marlene Gordon

There were all sorts if interesting Pin Cushions on display, and the public were invited to vote for one as their Viewer’s Choice.  After looking long and hard, dithering a bit, and changing my mind several times, I finally decided on this one.  Very cute, I thought.

PA050062 My Viewer’s Choice in the Pin Cushion competition

I recognised “Memories – Mum’s Dress, 1950’s Style” from the cover of Issue 84 of the New Zealand Quilter magazine.  This was made by Sue McClelland as part of a challenge, incorporating a very pretty floral fabric.  It was great to see this quilt in “real life” after reading about it in the magazine.
PA050055 Mum’s Dress, 1950’s Style, by Sue McClelland

And lastly, there was a display of New Zealand inspired quilts.  Rochelle Reilly created “Kiwiana Christmas using the koru shape in New Zealand fabrics.  This was beautifully quilted by fellow blogger Linda who writes her Razzle Dazzle Quilter blog.

PA050061 Kiwiana Christmas, by Rochelle Reilly

So that is the last from the Marton quilt show.  But there is another show to visit on Saturday.   My new club, Town and City Quilters are holding their bi-annual show on Saturday 12th October at the  Horowhenua Events Centre,  Victoria Street, Levin.  From  9 am – 4pm  $5 entry, which gives you a free ticket in the door prize which is a fabulous batik fabric pack from Wrights Fabrics in Morrinsville.  I’ll be on the raffle table for a while, come along and enjoy the show, and do stop to say hello

Monday, October 7, 2013

Meeting up with Nancy J

On travelling up to Marton for the weekend, we popped around for a first time meeting with fellow quilting blogger Nancy J – aka Jean.  Jean’s blog is “All Points of the Compass”, do check it out.  Jean is a very keen and talented photographer, and she shares many of her beautiful photos of her surroundings, trees, flowers, and lovely sunsets on her blog. 
/PA040015 Jean (Nancy J) and Jenny

We got acquainted over afternoon tea, and talked about all sorts of things, as you do.  Jean then showed me some of her quilts, starting with her purple Tibouchina wall hanging.  This was an Anna Williams class, and started as a photo which was manipulated, printed on fabric, then heavily machine quilted.

PA040017Photo from Jean’s garden

This striking wall hanging was from another class by Anna Williams, and is called Shaded Face.

PA040021Shaded Face

Here is Jean trying to hide behind Autumn Falling, a pattern found on the Internet and made with lovely batiks.

PA040018 Autumn Falling

A grey heron came calling on the back lawn and we both rushed around, clutching our cameras, hoping to get a photo or two.  But the bird was quicker than us, and flew away – all I managed to snap was a photo of his trailing back feet as he flapped away.  While I was outside, I was intrigued by this charming little bridge going over the stream.  The property is bounded by native bush and plenty of birds come calling, we were told.

PA040025 Peaceful back yard setting

It was so nice to meet up with Jean and Hugh (hope you get well soon, Hugh).  Thanks so much for your hospitality.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rangitikei Country Quilters Quilt Show

Who doesn’t love going to a quilt show?  And spending the weekend away in the caravan too, just because we can.  Robin dropped me off at the hall, I paid my $5 entry, and purchased tickets in several raffles (fingers crossed, I just love those big baskets packed full of goodies).  Into the hall I walked, full of quilts, quilts and more quilts. 

The quilts were displayed on racks, and around the walls the spaces had been nicely divided into little rooms.  Lots of extras were added to the displays, such as dolls, prams, and stuffed toys, making at all look very homely.
PA050031 Children’s quilts on display

A group of ladies were crowding around “Poached Eggs and Blueberries”, by Sue McClelland.  Mostly stitched by hand, it was meant to be a small wall-hanging but grew out of control.  Each of the centre circles or ovals have different stitching around them.

PA050032Poached Eggs and Blueberries, by Sue McClelland

Simple but very effective, black, white and red always makes for a graphic quilt.  Designed, stitched and quilted by Christine Maas.

PA050065  Red Maketh the Magic, by Christine Maas

The quilt club organised a group of ladies to sit and stitch to show non quilters just what is involved in making a quilt.  These two ladies were busy sewing on old Singer sewing machines – aren’t they lucky to still own one of these!  Like a lot of people my age, I learnt to sew on a treadle machine, and they are very collectable these days.

PA050054Showing how it is done

This bright and breezy quilt was stitched from lots of spotty fabrics.  Made and quilted by Anne Mimmack, and the pattern was sourced from the Internet, and won a Red Ribbon for Best Junior Award.

PA050047Spot the Daisy, by   Anne Mimmack

I love big quilts, and this simple but graphic block really caught my eye.  So much, that I chose this as my Viewer’s Choice.  Brenda Martin made her quilt from a Keepsake Quilting pattern, and made it from all sorts of odd fat quarters.  Hence the name, Allsorts and Oddfellows.

PA050037 Allsorts and Oddfellows, by Brenda Martin

As I wandered around the exhibition, I was thrilled when two ladies approached me to say they are quilt blog readers.  It is always great to get feedback and to know that what is written is read and not just floating around in cyber-space.  Thanks for stopping to chat, ladies.  I went off to find the Merchants Mall, and although I looked, fondled, picked things up, and looked some more, only came away with two fat quarters for my burgundy and cream quilt.  Then it was on for coffee and cake and to rest my feet.  The cafe was run by college students as a fund raiser for their up-coming South Island Kayaking trip.  Now, back to the exhibition
I love the cosy look of wool quilts and Betty Lambert came up with the perfect name.  “Winter Warmer” is her own design and made from wool fabric.

PA050057 Winter Warmer by Betty Lambert

And last but not least, this pretty bag won a Red Ribbon for Judges Prize.  Embellished with organza flowers and beads, it just shouts “Springtime”, doesn’t it?

PA050050 Field of Daffodils bag, by Judith Scott

I had a lovely morning at the exhibition, looking at and admiring all those beautiful quilts.  Still have more photos, so may put some extra up later.