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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sew Wots Stitching Morning

The Sew Wots gathered out in the heart of the rural countryside country side today and I drove off up and down unknown roads in the rain.  Luckily I was heading the right way and soon arrived at Helen’s home.  Thank goodness I made it safely and didn’t have to resort to a cell phone call to get rescued.  To tell the truth, navigation to new areas is not one of my skills.

One of the ladies had brought along a whole pile of magazines, so there was not a lot of stitching done as most very busy flicking through the mags, seeing what took their fancy.  Hostess Helen showed us a pile of quilt tops she had recently made, all using 5 inch squares.  Paula arrived a little later with the most glorious Christmas quilt which she was finishing off with some gold stars on top of the trees.  This quilt has her fabulous custom quilting, Rabbit’s Patch Quilting, and is just beautiful.  She will no doubt show her creation on her blog when she has finished with the embellishments.

I did some more stitching on my “Thanks” stitchery, which will eventually be a cushion for my sewing room.  It is coming along slowly, and is my take-away project.

PA150006 What I’m working on

Helen’s beautiful fluffy cat was much admired, and she was quite happy on top of one of the easy chairs keeping an eye on all the ladies who had come to visit.  She rushed down from her perch at one stage, vigorously attacked the scratching post, then jumped back on top of the chair for a bit more R&R. 

PA150003 Helen’s fluffy cat

After a lovely morning tea, we packed up and headed off out into the rain once more.  It is always such a lovely morning when this small stitching group gets together, and I really appreciate being invited to join.  Thanks so much, ladies.

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