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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy Birthday to me

Another year older – and still going strong!  I had a lovely day today, with cards, phone calls and texts from family and friends, plus a few interesting parcels to open as well.  And not forgetting the obligatory photo taken wearing the “Happy Birthday” hat.  The hat was a gift from my friend Merilyn several years ago, and gets trotted out each year – even Robin has to take his turn for a birthday photo.

PA230055 Another year older

Robin didn’t know what to buy me for my birthday, so I gave him a hint.  I just love chocolate peppermint cream chocolates, so that’s what I got, together with a couple of packets of chocolate peppermint biscuits, plus some of my extra favourite boiled sweets for car journeys, acid drops.  Simple tastes, but then, we have a big celebration coming up soon, (more on this later) so that will be a bit more expensive.  Robin went shopping yesterday, bought a fancy carton to put everything in, and wrapped it all up nicely.  He did very well, getting me just what I wanted!

We had a fun day out today, drove approximately 35km down to Waikanae where we boarded the train to Wellington.

PA230004 This way to Wellington

Then we hopped on a big yellow bus through the city to attend to a couple of errands.  This didn’t take as ;long as anticipated so we decided to take a ride on the Cable Car.  Well, what a crowd there was, all with the same idea.  A large cruise ship was in port and it seemed that most of the passengers were taking a ride too.  So we waited, and waited, as the line shuffled slowly forward, and the cable cars came, filled up with passengers, and left.   Soon it was our turn, and we boarded the cable car for the short ride to the top.  There are always such fabulous views, looking out over the harbour and the city.

PA230014 View from the top of the cable car

It was getting on for lunch time, and being the birthday girl, I got to chose where to go.  Kirkcaldie and Stains of course, upstairs in the cafe, known and loved by Wellingtonians for ever.  (I fear I’m turning into my Mother, as she liked to come here too, years ago).  We had a lovely lunch, a tasty fish croquette for me, and a chicken and kumara pie for Robin, all nicely presented with coffee to follow.  Plus a Neenish Tart, for a special treat.

PA230023 My tasty lunch

Suitably replete, we wandered slowly down to the station to board the homewards bound train.  I can’t possibly cook tonight since it’s my birthday, so we are having take-aways for tea, pizza for a change.  Oh dear, it’s all about food today, isn’t it?  Never mind, we are celebrating!


loulee said...

Happy Birthday. Looks and sounds like you had a good day.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Sounds like a perfect celebration day.
Happy birthday


Frances Leate said...

Happy birthday Jenny and glad you both had such an enjoyable day. Take care.

Maria said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jenny.
Looks like you had a great day out with lots of yummy food.

Jenny said...

Many thanks everyone for your good wishes. I had a lovely day in the big city and came home to phone calls and cards in the mail, so I was really spoilt.