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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Coffee Club Morning

The monthly ladies Coffee Club morning organised by the local branch of the Cancer Society has rolled around again.  The speaker today was someone we could all relate to, Cancer Support Nurse Jude.  She told about her role and the help and support she and her fellow nurses give to newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families.  Those finding themselves in this sort of situation are understandingly feeling rather shell shocked. Bombarded with all sorts of information from the hospital specialists, it can be very hard to take it all in.  The nurses can help with putting things in perspective, and once treatment has commenced, physical help with dressings is invaluable, and assurances that what one is experiencing is normal can certainly alleviate anxiety.  Nobody can take the fear away, but understanding what is happening is empowerment at this stressful time.   My own particular Cancer Support Nurse (several years ago) was bright and breezy, called into our home regularly, told me what to expect as the treatment progressed, and always had time for a cuppa.  They are worth their weight in gold. 

Our meetings always conclude with a tasty morning tea, all generously contributed by the Volunteer ladies, most of whom are cancer survivors themselves.  A lovely raffle basket of goodies called my name, so I hope I have purchased the winning number, wouldn’t it be great to win?  But if I don’t, I know that my donation has gone to a very worthy cause.

The weather really turned to custard after lunch, with howling winds and driving rain.   A good afternoon to curl up on the couch with my Christmas quilt, get on with unpicking some more of that free motion quilting which resulted in wavy borders, and catch up with watching a couple of programmes we had recorded on My-Sky.
Here’s hoping the weather improves tomorrow as we have a big day out - taking the train to Wellington City.  Should be fun.

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