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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Too pretty not to share

My birthday is well and truly over, although the cards are still out on display.  Included amongst them are two rather lovely quilty cards, which I would like to share with you.

Glennis from Chipping Norton, UK,  sent me a hand made card featuring a ginger cat behind an old fashioned crank handle sewing machine.  There is a tiny reel of pink thread attached to the front of the card, and the inside is decorated with baby sized buttons and a piece of tape measure.  It certainly is a lovely card to send to a fellow quilter.  Glennis has travelled out to New Zealand and stayed with us twice over the years.  In fact, Glennis and her friend Sue were staying with us for the royal wedding celebrations, and we had a party night in front of the TV to celebrate.  She returned the favour when we went to UK back in 2008 and stayed at her home for several days.

Card10001 From Glennis

I’m sure that most quilters are familiar with the cards made from paintings by the very talented artist Diane Phalen.  This one is from her painting “Hole in the Barn Door”, and feature colourful quilts, cats of course, and a view of rural Pennsylvania.  Sent to me from my pen-friend Carol of South Dakota, she wrote, “We’ve been quilt pals for how many years?  Knowing you is a plus, so glad to be your friend”.  We have not met up yet, but who knows, maybe one day?

Card10002 From Carol

I enjoy writing and receiving “real” letters, so much more satisfying than an e-mail, I always think.  Luckily my pen-friends feel the same way, there is nothing nicer than when an airmail letter occasionally pops into the letter box, it really makes my day.

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Nancy J said...

Jenny, those cards are beautiful, the detail in the barn/quilt one is stunning. definitely ones to put on the shelf, or frame and hang on the wall. Cheers, Jean.