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Friday, November 1, 2013

Place Mats

I know, I’ve got all sorts of things half done which I’m trying to complete.  But I really wanted to make a set of place mats for our new little table.  We have a larger dining table for when guests come around, but needed a compact breakfast sized table to fit into our rather small dining area.  Here we eat our breakfast and play on our lap tops.  With a glass cover cut to size to protect the lovely native timber, I thought we really needed a set of place mats too.  There is a handy drawer built into the table to put the mats away when they are not required.

PB010002 Ready for breakfast

I had a half yard of pretty floral fabric, so cut it in strips and constructed the place mats with the “flip and sew” method with the backing in place, no further quilting required.  The couple of left over strips was just enough to make a small mat for condiments.  While I was making them, I could almost imagine Robin thinking, “why go to all that bother?”  The answer is easy, isn’t it?  Because I wanted to, and because I can.
Perhaps I will get on with some of those other projects tomorrow.  And I’ve still got a fair bit of unpicking to do on my Christmas quilt.  Never mind, I’ll get it done sooner or later.

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Nancy J said...

Lovely mats Jenny, great design, and one extra for the centre, super idea. Greetings, Jean.