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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Town and Country Quilters November Club Night

Numbers were certainly down for our November meeting.  Perhaps the “silly season” is starting early for some, or maybe there were members away sick – I know I couldn’t stop myself coughing sometimes.  Do hope I wasn’t passing my germs on.  Our President Leigh read out some facts and figures about our recent Quiltfest exhibition, and it was a great success.  Each month, members go in the draw to select one of the new library books to take home, and I was one of the lucky ones – I chose Quilt Mania, quilts for kids.  As I get to read it first, I’ll have to write a book review for the newsletter.

Our speaker for the evening was Jo Ransom, CEO of Te Takere, Levin’s showcase Library and Community Centre Trust.  She told of the original funding issues, the vision for the project, and the Trust's vision.  After only a year of operation, it seems to be exceeding expectations.  They hold regular exhibitions, free concerts, run a successful youth programme, and issue lots of books too, of course.  With a cafe and Info Centre, people are always popping in and out.  I’m a real library lover and call in regularly to get my book fix.  Libraries are not the quiet havens they used to be, and have a lot more community involvement these days.

Show and Tell is always the highlight of the evening, and there was quite a nice selection held up for us to admire.  Bev was justifiably  proud of her vibrant row by row quilt, made with the guidance of fellow member Lynn.  Bev had a bit of an issue with her flying geese blocks, she related, but it all came right in the end.

PB130001 Bev’s row by row quilt

Lesley is obviously very partial to this design, as this is the third quilt she has made from this graphic pattern.  This version is for her sister, and was quilted by Trish of Crazy Cow.  Sorry the photo turned out a bit blurry, and doesn’t show the pretty rose fabric properly.

PB130002 Made by Lesley for her sister

I’m sure I wouldn’t be tackling a hand pieced hexagon quilt for my very first quilt, unlike Jill who produced this lovely version.  It will be donated to that very worthy cause, Ronald McDonald House.

PB130003 Jill’s first quilt

There’s something about a playful cot quilt which makes you smile.  This one by Sarah is just delightful, with clever teddy, (or is he a mouse?) off enjoying a ride in a plane.  So cute!

PB130010 Sarah’s cot quilt

Hilary has made this lovely lilac and green quilt for her 93 year old aunt, what a lovely gift.  This was also expertly quilted by Trish of Crazy Cow.

PB130004 Hilary’s quilt for her aunt

Fellow Sew Wot member Heather brought along her stunning bobbin drawing quilt.  The secret to this type of stitching is to put the coloured thread in the bobbin, and stitch over the marked lines on freezer paper.  That narrow striped fabric Heather chose for the sashing and border was perfect with all those lovely thread colours on black fabric. 

PB130008 Heather’s vibrant bobbin work quilt

Sadly, I didn’t catch the name of who made this.  Here’s a Gingerbread Man Quilt made just in time to be hung up for Christmas.

PB130006 Cute gingerbread men

At the end of the meeting I selected some library books to take home, had a quick cuppa and a chat, said goodbye and headed back home.  Next month will be our last meeting of the year and will be very busy so it will be starting early, we were told, with entertainment, and a special supper.  So we will all have to get baking, and finish off our Christmas quilts to bring along for Show and Tell.

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