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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Easier said than done

“Rest the larynx”, the doctor advised me the other day when I saw him about my sore throat and incessant cough.  That is easier said than done, especially as we are away on a caravan holiday with friends, and visiting family here in Hastings, so there are plenty of chatting going on.  But I do think he gave me good advice.  The more I talk, the worse I cough!  And it’s always so much worse at night in bed.

According to Mr Google, the larynx (voice box) is part of the respiratory system that holds the vocal cords. It is responsible for producing voice, helping us swallow and breathe. Mine is obviously inflamed and perhaps a little swollen from all the coughing. 
No wonder I’m still feeling poorly.  But we are enjoying the nice warm conditions in sunny Hastings.  It was nice and relaxing sitting under the sun umbrella in the morning doing a little knitting.  The knitting needles gently clicked together as I worked on a little baby’s cardigan.  Not for anyone in particular, but I’ll put it away in my “baby box” until it is needed. 

Yesterday we took a drive out to Arataki Honey Centre so Robin could replenish his honey supply.  And came across this interesting sign, so we just had to stop so that I could take a photo.  I think we need a sign just like this at home!



loulee said...

You know honey in a warm drink will be good for your sore throat. Perhaps you should buy extra.
Hope you feel better soon.

Frances Leate said...

Love the sign and hope you feel better soon. Take care.