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Monday, November 4, 2013

Back to my Favourite Cafe

We travelled back to old haunts in the Hutt Valley today for a hospital appointment, and then met our friend Kathryn for lunch at my favourite cafe, Fig Tree, in Upper Hutt.

PB040016 Let’s do lunch

The food there is all so nice, it’s sometime’s difficult to choose.  I looked and dithered as I checked out the food cabinet – that looks nice, but then, so does that over there.  I’m the world’s worst procrastinator, believe me.  Finally I decided on a smoked salmon bagel, while the others chose a giant sausage roll.  Although it wasn’t so long ago that we had last seen Kathryn, we still had plenty to chat about.

PB040018 Jenny and Kathryn at Fig Tree

We were still chatting after we finished lunch and went back to Kathryn’s flat, we hadn’t been to visit her there since she had moved in.   Hanging on the wall in the lounge was the wall hanging I made her a couple of years ago, after her partner Graeme had passed away.  This was made from Graeme’s shirts, tee shirts and ties, and I also made a cushion using the labels from the items of clothing I had cut up.  Kathryn uses the cushion every night on the couch, she told me, so it was nice to know that these gifts are used and appreciated.  

PB040019 Wall hanging and cushion made for Kathryn

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