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Saturday, November 2, 2013

On the cutting board

I’m trying to get a head start on a couple of Christmas gifts.  The months are galloping by and it is now November, and there are a couple of gifts I really want to get done.  Better to start now, I thought, than panicking in December.  So I’ve been standing over the cutting board, ruler and rotary cutter in hand, measuring and slicing the fabrics.  There, that’s two items cut out, a gift for each grand-daughter.   Although I’m pretty sure that neither of the girls, or my daughter for that matter, read our blogs, I won’t take the chance and will keep my lips sealed about what I’m actually making.  More will be revealed later.

PB020008 On the cutting board – Christmas gifts

All going well, I’ll start stitching the pieces together tomorrow.  Then there was the Chrissie decoration I wanted to make as another gift, plus one for me as well.  Just where does all the time go, I wonder?

Actually,  it’s been a busy old day today.   Did a big load of laundry, then the vacuuming, dusting, and cleaned the bathroom in the morning.  Did my cutting out in the afternoon – that always take more time than you realise, I always find.  Then cooked the evening meal, plus dessert, while Robin was watching the All Black game on TV.  (I can’t complain, because he’s been busy outside).  So I’m quite pleased with what I’ve achieved today.  Hope everyone else is having a productive day, doing what you like best. 

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