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Monday, November 25, 2013

Leisure Pursuits

Away in the caravan at Taupo, there is plenty of time for relaxing, minimal housework, and some sightseeing.   I had time to sit out with my knitting under the sun umbrella.  I really needed to be on my own as I was concentrating reading a graph while doing a fair isle pattern. 

PB240062  Enjoying the sun

Just because we are on holiday, doesn’t mean that the washing doesn’t get done.  Washed at the local laundrette, it is now hanging outside on my dinky little fold up travelling clothesline.

PB250044 The laundry must get done!

Last night we enjoyed a three course meal at the Wairakei Resort.  We started off with prawn salad, followed by roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, roast pork and crackling,  and veggies – so delicious.  Dessert was a choice of pavlova, trifle, cheese-cake and fresh fruit salad, all good Kiwi desserts, the chef told us.  Come back for seconds, he said, but no, we were quite replete, thank you very much.  I managed to sip a coffee to finish, but Robin was full to the brim.  At $29.50 each, it was excellent value.  We could tell it was quite posh as not only did we have linen table napkins, but the rest rooms had individual hand towels all nicely rolled up in a basket. 

PB240009 Enjoying a meal out

I’m still trying to shake off that dratted viral cough.  My voice seems back to normal, but although the cough has lessened, it comes back with a vengeance each night.  I’ll keep on with the nose spray, the lemon drinks, and the throat lozenges.  Surely I’ll come right soon!


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