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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oh no – not more unpicking

I thought I was doing so well with my Christmas quilt.  Finally finished quilting around the blocks yesterday, then it was on to the borders today.  Perhaps some free motion quilting around the poinsettia flowers, I thought.  So I sat and stitched for a while, and almost finished one side.  But why does it look a bit wavy down that end?  That won’t do at all – I’ll have to unpick the stitching !*&%# (insert a mild expletive here).

So while I was in the stitching mood I decided to quilt the opposite border, this time doing a large stipple.  That didn’t go well either, another wavy border that will need to be unstitched.  What is going wrong?  !*&%# (things are getting a bit heated here now).

On reflection I don’t think I had pinned it enough, and the layers were obviously moving.  Perhaps the top fabric has a little too much “give”, who knows?  More haste – less speed, perhaps?

But first things first, I’ll be sitting down with the quilt together with the “quick unpick” in my hand for a while, I can see that.  Then, I’ll give the borders a light press, and securely safety pin it all together.  Third time lucky, I’ll try quilting it once again.  If I don’t persevere, I’ll probably never want to work on it again.

PA200013 I hate unpicking!!

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