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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Ladies who Lunch

The “Rangeview Ladies” from our end of the village have been meeting once a month for a social outing, and we take turns organising it.  With October coming up, and my big birthday, I put my hand up to take that month.  Originally, the idea was to meet for Afternoon Tea, but this soon morphed into lunch dates – and why not.  So today, two car loads of ladies drove down to Reds Cafe in Otaki for lunch.

The menu was interesting and quite extensive and we dithered over the options a little.  But with our changeable Spring weather turning cold and windy once again, several of us chose the hearty Seafood Chowder.  What a good choice, chock full of fish, and so tasty.  The other choices looked very tasty too, I have to say. 

PA210031 Rangeview Ladies at lunch

Several birthday cards came my way, which was lovely, one signed by everyone there, so I’m not quite sure when they all got together to make that happen.  And the other two were hand made cards by Gill and Audrey, very clever ladies indeed.  (Card making is not something I have ever got into.)

PA210033So nice to get birthday cards

There was a shop full to the brim with Christmas goodies close by, so we just had to check that out after lunch. There were lots of beautiful things to look at, to pick up and inspect, and to wonder if I really did need one of those or not. In the end I did finally make a small purchase, a little something for Robin which should raise a smile from him at Christmas.  And just how many days till Christmas?  Mr Google just told me it is 64!  Goodness me.


Maria said...

Lovely luncheon with your friends and how nice to do a little Chrissie shopping... NO! Not enough time for me to do Christmas sewing.
Better get of this iPad and sew.....

NickiJ said...

Many happy returns for your birthday! Sounded like you and your friends had a wonderful day full of clam chowder and other lovely surprises.