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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Number One on the List

What UFO to work on this week?  The roll of the dice tells me it is number one on my list, the second neutral strings quilt I’m making from my supply of previously stitched neutral strings blocks.  There are still enough blocks left in the bag to complete a third cot quilt – so you can see I had a good supply of them tucked away.  Its all layered and pinned up, ready to go, so I’ll see how I get on with the quilting this week.
Ready for quilting

I’m really pleased that I’ve achieved the three items on my “Getting out of Lockdown” list.    I managed to get an appointment with my hairdresser last week.  Like most of the country, I was overdue for a visit and things were getting a little shaggy.  Second on the list was a hankering for a nice cup of coffee.  We met a few friends for lunch at a café on Friday, but sadly, the anticipation after all these weeks for the coffee was not met by the actual product.  It was nice enough, but not really what I had rembered and hoped for.  And seeing all those other people at the café was a bit scary after sticking to our own little bubble of two for so long.  There were six of us at our table, all well separated from other diners, according to the rules, but it was strange to look around the room seeing all those strangers.

Last on my list was a trip to the library, which happened today.  I was very impressed with the entry system to get into the library.  No sign in sheets, but a staff member was stationed there and took my details straight on to the tablet, keeping it private from others following after me.  Then someone else signed me out when I left, carrying several exciting books home.  I had run out of reading matter and was plodding through a not so interesting paper back, so I’m happy to have books now more to my liking.  I found a few from some authors I particularly like, so I’m a happy camper!

I’ll enjoy reading these

With one earthquake felt on Monday morning, followed by a second one today, we have to hope that the "Big One" is not coming.  In between there are lots of little earthquakes, usually too small to be felt.  These small ones are good, we are told, as they release pressure.  New Zealand is not called "The Shaky Isles" for nothing!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I heard about the earthquake and wondered if it was anywhere near you Jenny - glad to know it wasn't bad. Nothing like a good trip to the library! I am so glad I have a kindle as I would have been resorting to pulling old books off of my shelves that I have read 2 or 3 times already and they are not as interesting then - but I would have been re-reading them anyhow. with the kindle I can put books from the library on them or buy some that are not expensive from Amazon. Interesting quilt - how many do you think you still have left to finish?

Karen S said...

Good luck with your quilting. It will be a lovely quilt when done.
Glad you managed a hair appointment. I had mine last week, thankfully.
Our libraries are not back yet and I am really keen to get in there.
Yes, we had reports of the earthquake. So pleased it was not too bad.

Lyndsey said...

Not too bothered about going to the hairdressers myself but Scamp really needs a trip to the groomers as he's suffering in the heat. The one thing I'm looking forward to is going for a long hike with John and Lucy. I'll let you know how our coming out of lock down goes.

I hope the mini tremors release enough pressure and NZ doesn't suffer a major quake. Take care

Julierose said...

Hearing about the quakes I was a bit worried --glad to hear you are ok...
no libraries as yet here...I am re-reading a lot of my older books...but i did send for a few new ones online...
Take care and stay safe

Tired Teacher 2 said...

The library is not open, but books can be checked out online and picked up curbside. I’m not courageous enough to go to a restaurant or coffee shop yet. The virus cases count doubled here over the weekend - frightening times.

barbara woods said...

hope "the big one" isn't coming

Michelle Ridgway said...

Great work on your string quilt! I feel a bit like you....not wanting to mix out in the real world....shame about your long hankered after coffee but good to have a trim and get some books. Scary stuff, earthquake wise....hope there are only little rumbles xx

Raewyn said...

I was thinking you would have felt the earthquakes. Nice to get out and about again, like you say, being near people is disconcerting but I'm pleased most of my activities don't include crowds of people, thank goodness! You really did have a good collection of the string blocks - have fun with the quilting :-)