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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Roll the Dice Again

Today is Day 15 of our Lockdown, staying home as we should, and keeping ourselves occupied.   It was time to roll the dice again, bringing up number 5.  Which is a bag of stitchery blocks which I did some years ago, and they have been residing in a bag all this time.  “Under the Sea” was a Block of the Month stitchery designed by Willowberry Designs in 2010.  I had the patterns enlarged at the copy shop, and used Perle No 5 threads.  After stitching, the designs were highlighted with fabric pens. 

Nine stitchery blocks

Gemma is helping

The first job was to trim the blocks up, and cut the sashing strips.  Then decide how to arrange them, laying the blocks across the top of the bed.  Once again, Gemma came to help by holding the blocks down.  After all, what if those fish try to escape?  She’s keeping an eye on them for me, she thinks.

Helping some more

Hopefully I’ll assemble the top in the next day or two, so that will be a job well done. Perhaps I’ll be able to layer and pin the quilt together this week too, I’ll see how it goes.  Must allow a bit of time to work on my blue Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks too.

Do hope everyone is staying inside, keeping safe, and enjoying their stitching time.  Without any social engagements the days just run into each other, don’t they?  But we will be patient, making the most of this extra time at home.


loulee said...

LOL It looks like Gemma is being really helpful.
Enjoy the peace and quiet. It is odd, with no social engagements, but best to be home and safe.

Maria said...

Oh Gemma is such a good help !!!!!
Your Under the Sea stitchery blocks will make a cute quilt.
Yes the days all seam the some and it doesn't fell like Easter this weekend but by staying home we are keeping that nasty virus down...

Michelle Ridgway said...

Nice choice.....and lovely quality control officer too lol!

Julierose said...

Beautifully embroidered blocks--they will make such a pretty quilt--good thing you have Gemma to help you--wouldn't want those fish to swim away now :)))
~ ~ ~ waving in the rain and staying isolated Julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

staying at home does get a little tiring doesn't it. I'm so glad I am in the country and my days go most like it normally would other than not go to the fitness center for my exercise and dropping into the stores to pick up something that we would need - and I didn't do that every day anyway. Life in the country - do things in the house wander around the yard and garden with outdoor chores and we are away from people. I did manage to get a grocery store order placed for pick up - I was amazed when my order was finally accepted with a choice of times to pick it up so we will be doing that for a first time on Thursday - supposedly you just open your trunk of the car and they place your order inside it and shut and you drive off.

Tired Teacher 2 said...

Yes, the days do seem to melt together, and like you, I’m staying busy with projects. I’ve been “staying in” since March 15th and have accomplished a lot. Stay safe and healthy

Janice said...

It will be good to finally showcase your lovely stitching, rather than it just hiding away. Gemma is a very good help, I’m sure.

Karen S said...

With all the work you have done on those stitcheries it is definitely time they went into a quilt.