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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Finished – Caravan Stitching

It’s Sunday, and I’m so pleased I finished my “roll the dice no 4” this week, which were a couple of items for the caravan, using caravan themed fabric.  I had been gifted two lengths of fabric a birthday or two ago, so was happy to finally get on and use them.   I’d decided to make placemats with the grey, and an apron with the blue.  Messy cooks like me need aprons, even away on caravan trips!


I had to piece the blue fabric to get the length I needed, and couldn’t match the pattern, but I’m OK with that.  It was soon cut out and I added some plain blue down both sides and also for the straps.  And here it is, all finished, having a photo opportunity out in the warm Autumn sunshine.


This fabric is covered with lots of colourful patchwork caravans (trailers) with the owners stitching away and exploring.  It is a happy looking print and I’ll certainly enjoy wearing my apron when we get away – whenever our Lockdown period ends.


The placemats were next, and took a little longer.  I had just enough of this piece of burgundy for the border, and used a plain grey for the binding.

Stitching the binding

Robin and Gemma joined me outside on the patio as I hand stitched the binding down.  It may be Autumn and the mornings can be a little chilly, but usually the afternoons are nice and warm, just right to sit outside if the weather is not too windy.

Keeping me company while I’m stitching

I had a small piece of fabric left to make a little bag for 4zees, other wise known as Happy Hour.  These small bags are just the right size for Robin when we are away at a caravan club rally.  Fitting in a couple of stubby size beer bottles, plus his glass,  it will be just the thing for joining our caravan buddies at our next rally.

Placemats and small bag

Actually, I made another set of placemats too, but these are for a gift later in the year so I won’t show them now.  Suffice to say they feature New Zealand Rainbow Trout -  my penfriend has a lakeside cabin and her hubby is a keen hunter and fisherman, so I'm hoping they will be well received when sent overseas later on.  All in all I’m quite pleased with my efforts this last week.  Wonder what number and project the dice will bring up next week?


Maria said...

Such gorgeous fabrics. Your apron is lovely and the grey placemats with the burgundy /grey border are perfect to match the van.
Great 4zees tote for Robin too!

loulee said...

It was a beautifully warm day.
You made the most of your stitching time, you have some great finishes.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

cute placemates you are keeping busy - glad you have an outside area so you can get fresh air - I think people in the cities with no place to walk must be starting to be too housebound. I am so grateful now to live in the country

Tired Teacher 2 said...

Bravo for finishing these two projects plus a bonus bag! I have a few aprons and really should start using them more often.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Very cute caravanning fabrics and you have used them so well x

Unknown said...

Hi Jenny, How are you both? I remember giving you the piece of gray caravan fabric for your birthday last year. They look lovely made up into place mats & apron. See you after the lockdown is completed. Helen

Karen S said...

Lovely finishes and a great way to use the fun fabrics.

Janice said...

Aren't there some fun caravan fabrics. You made good use of yours. I love the van with patchwork on it. How are you going without your heat pump? I hope the mornings haven't been too chilly yet. We have had our heater on for a couple of mornings this week. Do you have some other back up heating?