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Saturday, January 30, 2010

You don’t see this very often

Oh no, visitors are coming tomorrow. Guess I’ll have to drop my sewing machine down in the cabinet and close everything up. My “sewing room” is actually the dining room and my cabinet is tucked into a corner. More often the not the cabinet is opened up wide. It just makes it so easy to do a little sewing when the mood strikes, doesn't it? I’m at work all day so often sew a little in the evenings.

DSCF2588 A sight not often seen, the sewing cabinet is closed

So here is my cabinet with everything all tidied away. (Don’t look at that pile of projects piled up in the corner). On top of the cabinet is a lovely six sided drop-down sewing box that my clever daughter made for me many years ago. And about those visitors – I’ve spent the afternoon in the kitchen cooking up some goodies for morning tea. The temperature is so high I feel like I’m on an overseas holiday!

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Laurie said...

My mother has such a cabinet in the UK years ago that the machine disappeared into but no so flash as yours I must admit.... I believe hers came with the machine ...this has bought back memories