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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Don’t you think it’s time….?

“Don’t you think it’s time those Christmas things came down?”, said Robin the other day. Christmas is long gone now, so I guess I can start packing everything away. Doing the caravan was fairly straight forward. The Christmas cushion covers came off and the plain burgundy ones, freshly laundered, went back on. The Redwork Santa came down and back went Golden Kiwi, made from a small painted panel I had purchased.

DSCF1901 My lucky Golden Kiwi

And above the door where the cheeky Santa collection sat doing Christmas duty, I put back my tiny wall hanging featuring New Zealand trees and flax, and set off with a brown kiwi on guard.

DSCF1902 Above the doorway in the caravan

We needed the step ladder to get a couple of the Christmas wall hangings down in the house and the replacements put back. I decided to ring the changes and hang up some which had not had a turn for a while. This Amish style is now hanging high above the doorway into the spare bedroom. Made in a class many years ago, I shudder to tell the world that I used poplin, not cotton. I was new to quilting, and really didn’t know any better! But the colours are pretty, and look good set off with the black.

DSCF2497 Amish Bricks

Another to get an outing is this lovely little fishy one sent to me by the lovely Rose in UK. She made it especially for me when I had written describing a glorious fish buffet we had in a posh hotel one evening. It is beautifully hand quilted with a meandering design and scallop shells.

DSCF2492 A Fishy Supper

I still have to pack away the Christmas ornaments, but I think that’s quite enough for one day. I’ll finish the rest tomorrow!


Julie said...

No christmas decorations in our van, but worth keeping in mind for future christmas's. Still dreaming of retirement, no plans to buy a 5th wheeler just yet!!

marlene@ByTheSeam said...

Hi there. Thanks for coming to my blog and leaving a comment. I wish it were summer here but we are warming up for a few days and the snow should melt quickly. I like your fish quilt there. Cute. Hope to "see" you around.