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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quilters are everywhere

I’ve had a few days off work this week.  “Temps” are at the mercy of the workflow, so when the work runs low we get sent home.  This is  to ensure that the permanent workers have enough work to keep them gainfully occupied.  So I had a day in the big city today.  I was browsing around the patchwork fabric selection at  Arthur Toyes, just to see what took my fancy when I overheard this conversation.

“This is nice, but I don’t really need any more fabric”, said an American voice.  “So why are you buying it if you have so much at home”, queried the second American voice.  “Well, you know, she who dies with the most fabric wins”, stated voice number one.  Quilters are everywhere, so I just had to agree with her,  and ended up chatting about their trip to New Zealand.  Julie, the quilter, didn’t know that there was a range of New Zealand designed fabric.  Sadly, this particular shop didn’t have any available, so I couldn’t show her any.

There was a book shop close by and I took the two ladies in to introduce Julie to our home grown magazine, “New Zealand Quilter”.  Yes, she certainly wanted to take a copy of that back home with her.  As we parted and went out separate ways, I reflected regardless of the accent,  quilters all speak the same language!

Wellington City has many art works on display and I walked past this  statue on the way to catch the bus back home.  John Plimmer emigrated here from England in 1841 as a carpenter and went on to become a builder, brick manufacturer, land speculator, importer, merchant, landlord, and an important civic leader.

PA100051 Statue of John Plimmer and his dog Fritz at Plimmer Steps

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