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Friday, January 15, 2010

Finally finished

I have finally finished clearing the decks of all that Christmas paraphernalia. My first (and last) hand appliquéd quilt is now hanging in it’s rightful place in the hallway. It is “Naturely New Zealand” and was designed by Mary Fletcher. The quilt features many of our beautiful New Zealand birds, plus a tuatara. But there was no way I was going to appliqué that horrid weta from the pattern, I substituted pohutakawa blossoms instead.

DSCF2501 Naturely New Zealand

My cute little “Washday” wall hanging is back in place in the laundry. Wonder how many other quilters have one similar to this hanging up? Yes, I do put up a small Christmas wall hanging in the laundry, doesn’t everyone? “Happiness is clean laundry”, I always say, especially when we are on holiday and far from home, searching for a laundrette to keep the washing up to date

DSCF2496 Washday wall hanging in the laundry

The string of Christmas cards have been taken down and packed away, as have my selection of small Christmas trees, Santas and a couple of angels. I just knew that I had a Santa kit or two ready to stitch packed away somewhere. After a lot of searching I finally found one of them. Wonder where the other one has got to? I’ll have to get busy so that I can at least have one new Santa for next Christmas.

DSCF2508Santa in a brown paper bag

Like many stitchers, I like to have something new for Christmas each year. It doesn’t seem to matter how much you have, (and I’m not a Christmas fanatic by any means), there is always room for one more item, isn’t there? One good tip I learnt a few years ago is to make wall hangings and such like the same size as family photos, plaques, etc which are already hanging up. Then it is just a simple matter to substitute your Christmas decorations for the ones already there, and the hooks are already in place.


Anonymous said...

Love the laundry wall hanging, and yes, like you I like to have at least 1 new Christmas thing each year, though didn't quite manage it this year.

Laurie said...

I just love the laundry wall hanging...do you mind if I copy the idea ?

Jenny said...

Please feel free to make your own laundry wall hanging. It's fairly easy as you can see. And you can personalize the clothing hanging on the line to suit, of course.

Wandawitch said...

Just wanted to say I love your laundry wall hanging too, very cute! You asked on my blog if I had purchased the apron books localy. My answer would be not in town but within Australia over the internet.I enjoy visiting your blog very much.

Lis Harwood said...

I love the NZ wall hanging and I'm with you about wetas, yucky things who wants to work with them and then look at them on the wall? The Pochahontas trees (as my little girl used to call them) are much nicer. Do you decorate for Easter?

Helen said...

Hi Jenny

Yay, your link is now working and I can get to your blog directly from your group posts. Thank your husband for me :-)