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Friday, January 8, 2010

It’s my Local

I’m so lucky to have my favourite quilt shop just 5 minutes drive away. Thimbles and Threads has been serving stitchers in Upper Hutt for 17 years. I can remember the excitement all those years ago when the quilt shop opened for business! Over the years it has expanded several times and offers an enticing array of fabric, notions, books, wool, magazines, patterns and giftware. Sharon also sells Bernina sewing machines, and offers a commercial quilting service.

DSCF2019 Thimbles and Threads

Over the years I have attended many classes here. Being so nice and handy I can easily “pop in” to purchase that roll of cotton when I run out, or pick up those buttons or needles. It’s a great place to look for last minute gifts too. And I have to admit that the fabric selection is mind boggling - we have travelled around the country extensively in our caravan and have not come across another quilt shop to rival their vast selection.

DSCF2017 Just a small part of the fabric on offer – there is much, much more

Sharon, and Thimbles, (as it is affectionately known) featured on the front page of our local paper this week. Sharon has offered the local Intermediate School ongoing sponsorship for an annual Young Designer award. With two pupils equal in ability, both girls were awarded a cup and a Bernina Bernette each in this, the inaugural 2009 prize. The girls were thrilled to finally have their own sewing machine, as they have been using their Mum’s machines until their win.

DSCF2016 Threads, notions and fabric

Congratulations to Sharon for supporting the school’s fabric technology course. The quilting fraternity is so lucky that Sharon and Harry took that gamble 17 years ago when they opened their shop. If you are visiting Upper Hutt, come and check it out at 40 Park Street, Upper Hutt. I love the shop, but then, it is my local!!


FlourishingPalms said...

Isn't it just delicious to walk into a quilt shop like that? A real haven for quilters, and it's a bonus that they're supporting your community in that way, with the young designer award. Great! Do you have any idea how many fabric bolts they have? That's usually the means by which we measure the size of a quilt shop, here in the US.

Lis Harwood said...

Wow, the shop looks brilliant, I've put it on my list for my trip to NZ - note to self: check baggage allowance. Lis x

Jenny said...

Yes, Linda and Liz, we are lucky in our suburb to have such a lovely shop so close by. I have no idea how many bolts of fabric they have, but I have never seen so many in other shops.

Lis, be sure to get in touch closer to your trip to NZ, it woulb great to meet up.

cinzia said...

Pretty fantastic and generous of your local shop.
Where actually is your shop as I have a quilting friend heading that way later this year?

Jenny said...

Hi Cinzia

The shop is in Upper Hutt, about 20 miles north of Wellington, the Capital City of New Zealand. I will be happy for your friend to contact me later in the year and perhaps I meet her and take her to the shop. (We actually have 2 quilt fabric shops here in our little suburb, so we are well served)