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Thursday, January 7, 2010

View from my sewing room window

My Internet group SCQ (Southern Cross Quilters) have been sharing their stories about the view from their sewing room window. I don’t actually have a sewing room, as my sewing cabinet is squashed in the corner of the dining room, so you won’t want to see a picture of a wall now, will you? But I can show you a view of my machine with my little helper keeping an eye on things.

DSCF2011 Muffy the Birman checking out my sewing project

Out the ranch slider door I can see our garden shed and clothesline and an assortment of roof tops and garages of the neighbours properties. You can tell I live in suburbia. Not as glamorous as the views some quilters have shared with the group. We get a variety of birdlife in our back garden. Our English imports the sparrows, blackbirds, starlings and thrushes visit us when we put some bread out on the lawn for them. The native tuis feed off the yellow blossoms on our kowhai tree in Spring. And in the Winter we hang up a “bird pudding” which is a real favourite with the native wax eyes and greenfinches.



We have an easy care garden and the fuchsia and hydrangea are in flower at the moment. Have to admit that we are not good gardeners, we would much rather be away in our caravan than work in the garden! Or doing sewing, of course. What could be nicer!


Ozjane said...

Love the white hydrangea ...I had a nice one at the side and I suspect I left it too long to cut back the dead bits so am not sure if I have lost it or not.
Horrible heat next few days.....praying for safe steady rain.

Daphne said...

I posted a comment on an earlier posting of yours but it seems to have disappeared. I just wanted to tell you my Mum had a Himalayan called Muffy who looked very much like your Birman. She is beautiful.