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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

She’s had enough!!

Muffy, our beautiful Birman cat did really well during her longest caravan holiday ever – 10 days over Christmas and New Year. Previously she had only travelled with us for a weekend, so it was a lot longer than she was used to. To keep her safe, we kept her on a harness and light lead while she was outside. This ensured that she didn’t take fright and run away.

PC250303 Muffy at the motor camp

There was a lot going on for Muffy to keep an eye on. There were the dogs from the “Dog Bay” who got taken for walks. Lots of children riding their bikes. And of course, the other campers close by our site. All our neighbours wanted to come and pat our lovely cat. No wonder she needed a bit of time to herself to curl up on the couch and rest.

Muffy was really pleased to get back on her home turf again. After a quick sniff around outside to make sure that no strangers had been visiting her property, she raced inside and jumped up on our bed. And just to reinforce the fact that she had really had enough of this holiday lark, we found her burrowed right under the quilt. Guess she was saying to herself, “If they can’t find me, they won’t be able to take me away again”.

DSCF2453 There’s a cat under this bump!


Laurie said...

You were very brave taking a cat caravaning...my daughter has some friends who took their cats on a year trip around Australia in a moterhome and the all survived.


Jenny said...

Muffy is very placid and does not struggle against the harness or lead one little bit. In fact, when she reached the end of the lead she just sits down! Being a grand old lady of 14 she likes to snooze a lot too.