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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quilter at work

Ho, ho, ho, it’s back to work I go. Actually, it’s been a couple of weeks already. It certainly feels like I’m working down in the coal mine (or should that be the salt mine?) sometimes. Bosses seem to focus on numbers these days, productivity, statistics, input and output, and all sorts of accountancy type terms. But never mind, it is good to catch up with my colleagues again. And then I have these little friends looking over me while I toil away on the computer.

DSCF2537 My friends at work

Why pigs?, you might ask. Don’t really know, I’ve always just loved them. The real live ones one especially. I can remember going to A & I Shows (Agriculture and Pastoral) in years gone by and I just loved to see all those pigs and piglets in the stalls. I used to drag my children around these shows in the pushchair so that they could share my passion for pigs. But they never did, I’m sad to say. I wasn’t even born in the Year of the Pig, think it was the Year of the Rabbit, or maybe the Rooster? Does anyone know what Chinese Year it is, for those born way back in 1945? My blue floral pig is a pincushion who was gathering dust at home, so I thought she would be better employed looking after me at work. And the little pair on the right, Mr and Mrs Pig decorated with hearts, were a gift from a workmate when she discovered Robin and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary a couple of years ago. In the dish are polished stones I purchased from the Natural History Museum in London when we were there in 2008. Pink and blue, my favourite colours, and they are nice and soothing to touch.

DSCF2516 Quilts and the Beatles

Then I have two postcards pinned up on the screen around my desk. There is the one from Ohio, showing a quilt shop with beautiful quilts hanging up out in the fresh air. Then there is my Beatles postcard, sent from our friends travelling the canals of Britain in their very own NB Gypsy Rover. They stopped off at Liverpool a while back and visited the famous Cavern Club. Last but not least I have my very own mouse pad, featuring even more quilts, a gift from another pen friend. I may be at work, but my mind still turns to quilting from time to time. And pigs. And the Beatles.

DSCF2541 Quilter’s mouse pad

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