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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Six of us celebrated seeing the New Year at Paekakariki Motor Camp,  with the full moon casting it’s cold silvery glow down on us mortals below.  The strong winds kept the clouds scudding across the sky, whipping the branches of the tall trees back and forth. 

P1010332 Full Moon at New Year

We joined in with four friends to see the New Year in.   In the far reaches of the camp a lone guitarist hooked up with multiple amplifiers belted out songs for the private party taking place down at the Lodge.  He sounded pretty good to us, especially when he played my very special favourite song, “Ten Guitars”.  “Pop” went the cork from the bottle of bubbly and we drank each other’s health and wished good things for the coming year, wondering what 2010 would bring to us all.

P1010334 Stitching in the caravan, watched over by my  Rudolph Christmas Stocking

I’ve been doing plenty of stitching while we have been away in the caravan.  Perhaps my New Year Resolution should be to make sure that I do a little sewing every day – what could be nicer than that!  Happy New Year to all, and wishing everyone a year full of time to do the things you love best, and most of all, good health.


By Hoki Quilts said...

Happy New Year to you to Jenny. A little stitching every day is a gift we give ourselves. I like so many others always have some stitching down the side of the chair, when I sit it gets pulled out. It's amazing how many projects you will get through in no time at all. Happy holidays.
Love the moon photo

Jenny said...

Hi Miche'le, thanks for your comment. I like to do hand stitching when we are away, and I have completed one project and worked on another two as well. The full moon was really beautiful that night.

Lis Harwood said...

Hi Jenny, that is a stunning photograph of the full moon. Happy 2010 to you and I think your resolution is a very good one that I might attempt too!
I'm glad you liked my Christmas photos, the Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt is one of mine, little Sam had just opened it that morning and was very impressed as you can tell. We are still frozen here with more snow promised and it's been even worse further north and in Scotland. I'd heard that people were needing ice-breakers on their narrow-boats. We keep an eye on the NZ weather as BiL lives in Pukekohe and it doesn't seem to have been up to standard for a summer so far, I hope it improves for you all. Best wishes, Lis x