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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Any old sacks?

I’ve made a few of these oven mitts lately. I like to back them with “real” sacking but this can be hard to come by these days. All that seems to be available are those polypropylene synthetic sacks, like the bags onions come in. Potatoes used to come in potatoe sacks, but not any more. Small quantities come pre-packed in plastic bags, with the larger quantities packed in heavy paper bags. Luckily I’ve got a hessian sack or two hiding out in the garage, and with a good soak and a hot soapy wash they come out all ready to use. This sort of sewing is great to use up some of those strips you have cut and put away in a bag.


The bottom one used up the strips of Pukeko NZ bird fabric, together with a little purple/green stripe and some other toning strips I had. Would grand-daughter Emma like it, I wondered, not knowing what she would think of such an old fashioned gift. She had especially requested a pair of those rubbery new fangled oven mitts that just fit on to your fingers tips for when she goes flatting. I tracked down some of these, (they look like duck beaks to me) and a few other bits and pieces to pop in her parcel. And yes, she was very pleased with her gift. “Thanks Nana”, she said, “for making me one of your special oven mitts”. Think I’ve got a reputation for whipping these up. I’m keeping the one with rosy red apples on it for myself.


Lis Harwood said...

Lovely oven mitts Jenny. I have a hessian sack to spare - the peanuts we buy to feed the wildbirds came in it. Do you think I could bring it over to you or do you think the customs people would go beserk?!

Jenny said...

Better not - I've seen what happens on the Border Patrol programmes! You don't want to be sent straight back home again before you've started on your holiday.

Julie said...

Love the colours you have chosen for your oven mitts! No hessian at my place, but I have seen it for sale by the metre....not sure where however

cinzia said...

Great way to use up all of those scraps and so useful too.