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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Local Works of Art

Where better to go than the local  Information Centre when you have questions that need answers?  Hanging on the walls were these  two beautiful pieces of fibre art work .

The Upper Hutt Cross Stitch Club created a lovely wall hanging especially for the Upper Hutt Information Centre.  It is composed of 32 5 inch blocks,  all featuring the various attractions and clubs of our city, plus the larger banner.  The areas  of  Kaitoke Regional Park and the Upper Hutt River Trail are depicted, along with the very popular Silverstream Railway Museum.  Clubs are also honoured such as the  Returned Servicemen’s Association, the Tramping Club,  Grey Power,  and the Upper Hutt Dog Training School.  Trentham Racecourse and Golders Cottage are amongst numerous other  attractions depicted in the cross stitch.  This delightful work of art was presented to the Information Centre in 1999.

DSCF2461 Cross Stitch wall-hanging showing clubs, organisations and attractions

Hanging above the Reception desk was large (approximately 5 ft X 6 ft) landscape made from dyed  fleece.  It depicts the Hutt River making it’s way though the valley and looks towards the Tararua ranges.  This was made by the Upper Hutt Spinners and Weavers Club and was presented to the Mayor in 2006.

DSCF2463Upper Hutt landscape all made from wool

It is obvious that many talented crafts- people  live in my area.  There are all my fellow quilters of course, plus the cross stitchers, the spinners and weavers, and a local  embroidery group.  All of us like minded people get immense pleasure and satisfaction from creating with our hands. 

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Lis Harwood said...

The idea of all those talented people working together is wonderful. We had eight talented people at my craft group this morning but I think there was more chat and coffee drinking going on than sewing!