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Friday, February 5, 2010

Pretty little needle-case and……….more needles

I just love my little needle-case. I did the little stitchery while we were relaxing in the caravan over Christmas. Now I’ve finally assembled it all together, and stitched some woollen fabric inside to hold my needles. Blue and pink, my favourite colours.

DSCF2464 My needle case

The pattern is from Cinderberry Stitches, by Natalie Lymer, and started out life as “Sweet and Spotty Needle Wallet”. I used the circular format but changed it a little as I wanted it to use it with my sewing pouch that I finished last year. Don’t you think they go together nicely?

DSCF2465Sewing pouch

Just as well I finished it before I went to my emergency dental appointment this morning. I saw a very nice young dentist, Garnett, from South Carolina. I just love those American accents. As I had suspected, the cause of my pain was an abscess under a back tooth. So…….. several injections of anaesthetic pain killers later, Garnett just reached in, and before I knew it, whisked that pesky tooth out. I can honestly say that I hardly felt a thing. (It might be a different story when the anaesthetic wears off). He sent me on my way $200 lighter, and with prescriptions for antibiotics and pain killers. I must have looked a bit peaky while I was waiting for the prescriptions to be filled, as the young girl came and asked me twice if I felt OK !!

I’ve got a week off work, but as I’m a temp that means no work – no pay. But plenty of time to do some stitching, I thought. But I certainly won’t be sitting at the sewing machine today. After the morning I’ve had, I think I need a little lie down!


aubirdwoman said...

love the needlecase. Hope the pain is slight so that you get lots of stitching done.

cinzia said...

Both are gorgeous. It is lovely to have beautiful accessories when doing our craft.

Julie said...

They do match beautifully! Hope your dental work heals quickly.

Lis Harwood said...

Ouch, $200 is bound to make you feel a little faint! Hoping you're soon feeling better, enjoy the enforced stitching time :)