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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Angels and Stars

There’s something inspiring about going to a quilt show, isn’t there. After viewing all those lovely quilts hanging outside in the sunshine on Sunday, I just had to come home and get stitching. But what to do? I’m one of those quilters who work on lots of different projects at the same time. I know, I’ll work on my Angel quilt .

DSCF2641 Angel blocks and sashing all ready to be put together

I had hand stitched all the angel blocks over quite a period of time, and had already cut them to size. After cutting the sashing strips, I set to and assembled the quilt top. Measuring, cutting, sewing, pressing, you know the drill. Next step was to cut the border strips and fuse on the stars. Now that’s all done, I can take the borders away on our holiday and hand appliqué them down. My elder grand-daughter doesn’t know it yet, but this quilt is destined for when she settles down and has a baby girl. Don’t think I’ll tell her yet, she’ll just roll her eyes at me and say “Oh Nana!!”

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1 comment:

Julie said...

Oh Nana you are a tease!!!LOL