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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The naked turtle

The monthly “Stitching Monday” group has started up again, so it was great to catch up with everyone again. As usual, everyone worked on their own projects. Sewing machines were humming, and blocks were laid out and assembled. A couple of the ladies were stitching hexagons together, and there was some hand appliqué going on and a quilt binding being stitched down.

I gave the sewing machine a rest and took my light box along instead. Alex Anderson’s “12 Days of Redwork” was a recent free download from her site, so I took my cut cream squares along and traced them out. These designs came with centre point marked so that made it easy to centre the design in the squares. The plan is to take these away on our upcoming holiday. Much better to have something prepared and not actually have time to get any stitching done. Who knows what the weather may turn out like and we may be stuck inside.


Next job was to stuff my green turtle. This will be a surprise for Joy, a colleague who has an amazing collection of turtles, over 400 at last count. Most of them are small ornamental turtles but she has some soft toy turtles as well. The pattern came from Homespun magazine and I still need to construct the shell. So at the moment it is a naked turtle!

DSCF2661 The naked turtle

It’s not as if I need another project, but this certainly looks fun, and I know Joy will love it.

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