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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cards, chocolate and brunch

It’s Valentine’s Day and we exchanged cards, plus a little chocolate. Not too much choccie, we have both recently had the “eat less and exercise more” lecture from the doctor.

My choice was:

“If I had to choose between you and chocolate, I’d choose you – covered in chocolate”.

Robin was more romantic.

“For my wife

Wading through Valentine’s filled with mush, And silly goo and sloppy gush

I found a card I hope will do, It simply says….I love you”

Isn’t that lovely!!

DSCF2653 Valentine’s Day goodies

Then it was off to our new little neighbourhood restaurant for brunch. Since the sun was shining we enjoyed a leisurely walk down. What to choose? Corn fritters and bacon for him, French toast and bacon for me, both served with maple syrup, and followed by a nice cup of coffee.

DSCF2657 The Little Totara restaurant

Look who I found lurking in the corner! I just had to go and say hello to Elvis. He was for sale, so if I had lots of spare cash I could have taken him home.


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

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