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Thursday, March 21, 2013

What a difference

With our new bedroom furniture finally delivered we got to open even more boxes and finally put our clothes away.  It’s been quite some time since we placed our order,  and we hadn’t realised quite how big it was.  But luckily it all fitted in with a squeeze.  Having the headboard on  certainly makes a big difference to the look of the bed.  (We will be getting glass cut to protect the bedside cabinets and dressers, but in the meantime they are covered in tea towels.  Certainly NO early morning cups of teas to be placed on the lovely rimu timber just yet till we have the glass tops in place!)

DSCF4809 We now have a headboard

There was room for my quilt rack under the window.  My daughter attended night classes at her local high school quite some years ago and made it for me as a surprise gift.  I love it, and the timber is just beautiful.  I spent a little time setting it up in the bedroom with a couple of bed quilts, folding them “just so”.  Where I am going to store all the other quilts, I haven’t quite decided yet.

DSCF4806 My quilt rack in the bedroom

That’s several more boxes and crates emptied today.   The shoes are nice and tidy all lined up on our new shoe racks, and my (small) range of handbags are lined up on top of the wardrobe shelf.  Some things needed pressing after being liberated from the crates and hung in the wardrobe, and I rather enjoyed that job.  All in all we are feeling quite pleased with our progress. 

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Nancy J said...

Jenny, no place like home, and your quilt rack is perfect, just where it is,a lovely gift, and as well being a great piece of furniture, very useful for display. Cheers from Jean