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Thursday, March 14, 2013

It’s a bit Scary

Last night I bravely fronted up for my first meeting of the local quilt club, Town and Country Quilters.  I find this sort of thing a bit scary, not knowing anyone.  I paid my visitor’s fee of $3, bought a couple of raffle tickets, and was handed over to a friendly lady so I would not be seated on my own.  So that was very nice. 

Catherine from the Cloth Shop in Palmerston North was the speaker for the evening.  This bubbly lady kept us entertained as she regaled us with stories and showed us all sorts of shop samples and “block of the month” designs.  The Cloth Shop has their own range of lovely patterns for sale, and also sells patterns from some very talented New Zealand designers.  One I particularly liked was a delightful pussy cat design, and there is also one for dog lovers as well.  If I could just find one featuring horses, my grand-daughters would be over the moon!

DSCF4747  Goodies for sale
 DSCF4746 Block of the Month quilts

DSCF4748 And more lovely quilts

After the meeting supper was served, and everyone was nice and friendly.  I will definitely be returning to Town and Country Quilters, and hope to fit right in, once I get to know a few people.  


Leeann said...

I'm glad you had a good time. It is hard to go to something new, but it sounds like they made you welcome.

mitchez2013 said...

Congratulations, Jenny! Your new home is beautiful. I admire your courage in moving to a new community. Seems as though you chose well as the town has a vibrant inclusive group of quilters.
Happy Days and long live Miffy! Any feline and porcine rivalry????;-)