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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Colour me Blue

The unpacking continues at our new home – my goodness, what a lot of boxes we have.  Some of them have been moved from the lock-up unit into the garage, and I am opening them one by one.  I came across one packed full of winter clothes.  Since they had all been stuffed in tight and packed away for several months, I reasoned that they could do with a good airing outside in the sunny breeze.  There is no surprise that my jackets of various weights are all in different shades of my favourite colour – blue.  And there is a little lilac in there as well.  No black, and definitely no autumn shades, it’s blue all the way, for me.
DSCF4681 I’m definitely a blue girl

As much as I love blue, we won’t be having blue curtains in the new house.  I feel it is too much of a cold colour for furnishings.  Our new curtains have been ordered, but you will have to wait and see what I have chosen.  Most of the curtains are another week or so away, but Raewyn called around yesterday and installed the nets in the dining room and sitting room.  That certainly made a difference.  (It’s not a good photo, looking into the light, but you can get the general idea).

DSCF4684 Raewyn hanging nets

I’m having a day off from the chores of unpacking today, I’m meeting up with a group of friends for a surprise 75th Birthday Afternoon Tea.  That should make a nice change.

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