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Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello, Sewing Machine

Hello, sewing machine, it’s been quite a while.  But I’ve managed to spend a little time sitting down in front of my machine over the last couple of days.  First I did a little mending – another pair of Robin’s shorts needed attention.  Then I had to fix the hem of one of my tops, you know what happens when the over locking seam comes adrift, the whole lot just unravels in an instant.  I’ve been meaning to get to these little jobs for ages, and once started, it didn’t take too long at all. 

DSCF4832 Hello, sewing machine

Next on the list was some real sewing.  I needed a new bag to put all those plastic supermarket bags which we seem to end up with.  I made it from a tea towel showing pictures of New Zealand flowers and flowering  native trees.  This is the finished product, and it now hangs nice and tidy from a hook in the pantry.

DSCF4790 Just stitched – my plastic bag holder

I’ve also tried out my new oven and done some baking.  My attempt at scones wasn’t too good, perhaps I’ll stick to muffins instead.  But I was really pleased with my weekend baking.  My daughter and her family came down for a visit and to see our new house, and stayed for lunch, of course.  I made a nice quiche for lunch, and tried a new recipe for afters.  This was another Jo Seagar recipe, a plum cake, made with fresh plums.

DSCF4813-001 Ready to mix the chopped plums into the mixture

I used Omega plums, my favourite type of plum, so red, rich, and best of all, easy to remove the stone.   It made quite a big cake, and was so nice, served with a dollop of whipped cream on the side.

DSCF4823My plum cake was a huge success - it’s almost all gone

The sewing room has been tidied up now and everything put away.  There will be no machining for the next couple of weeks, as we are having a road trip in the caravan again in a day or two.  Off to Wanganui for Easter, then travelling on to New Plymouth to catch up with Robin’s old school friend.  Do follow our adventures on our other blog www.romanyrambler.blogspot.com.  There are sure to be all sorts of interesting places to visit and report on.

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Maria said...

I bet it was sew nice to stitch and stitch again..
Nice bag holder..