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Friday, March 22, 2013

I don’t have that magic touch

It’s quite true – I just don’t have that light, magic touch to produce a batch of perfect scones.  With MIL coming to lunch today to view the new house, I decided to try a batch of “lemonade scones”.  Our “world famous in New Zealand” cook Jo Seagar makes and sells them at her cafe in Oxford, so they must be fail proof, and “easy peasy” as she likes to say.  We visited the pretty little town of Oxford during our South Island Odyssey trip last year and enjoyed lunch in the cafe, this was another item ticked off my wish list.

DSCF9017 Jo Seagar’s Cafe in Oxford, South Island

I’m sure Jo has her scones down to a fine art, not like me.  I carefully followed the recipe – in went the flour, a can of lemonade, and a cup of cream. Mixed it all around, then put the gluggy mess on a floured board.  The scone dough seemed awfully wet to me, so I plonked some more flour over the top and patted it down.  I decided to get all lady-like and used a glass to shape pretty little round scones.  That was a mistake, the dough was so moist I had trouble transferring my little round cut out pieces over to the baking tray, the glass wouldn’t cut cleanly and my hands were absolutely covered in wet sticky dough.  What a mess!  I gave up  and just patted the remaining scone dough together with a little extra flour, and cut them into shape with a knife.  They came out of the oven looking like this, but the larger ones needed a bit longer in the oven. 

DSCF4812 I tried really hard

We had the dainty round ones with our lunch, served with jam and whipped cream, and didn’t taste too bad.  The rest were popped in a bag and put away in the freezer for later.  I’m not the world’s best scone maker, that’s for sure, I’ve never had that feather light touch.  Never mind, after a lunch of creamy scrambled eggs and bacon, followed by one of my scones, MIL went home well satisfied with her lunch.


Katie said...

Oh my goodness. That sounds like gluten-free batter. Sticky, sticky, sticky! :-)

Jenny said...

Jenny it looks like you are settling into your lovely new home must be wonderful having everything new