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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Scatterdays - D

It’s Scatterdays time again, brought to you by the letter “D”.

The categories this time are:  something humorous, feet, furniture, and a quilty display.  This is what I came up with.

Something humorous – dozing pig.  My little pink pig (she’s a girl) spends all her time dozing up high on top of the wall unit.  That’s all she does, day in, day out, and every night as well, with her little legs hanging over the edge.  She was sent to me from Hawaii by my pen friend many years ago.

DSCF4728 Dozing piggy

Feet – dancing feet.  My Mother learnt tap dancing as a girl, she often told me, and really enjoyed her time in the lime-light.  Sadly, there are no photos of her performing on stage, but no doubt she looked rather like this.

Dancing feet in tap shoes

Furniture – drawers, or lack of!   When we decided to sell our house and move towns some months ago, we were adamant that it really was time for some new bedroom furniture.  After all, the old stuff had seen better days, and a new house deserved a new bed, we thought.  We  moved in last week, and our new mattress and base duly arrived, not without  mishap, but that’s another story.  Unfortunately, due to the factory manager having a bad accident, there has been a bit of a delay in the delivery of the bedroom furniture.  But it should all be delivered next week, we’ve been assured.  So in the meantime, we have no drawers at all and our clothes are in a selection of cartons and plastic crates. 

DSCF4740Still waiting for our drawers!

Quilty display – display of Christmas quilts.  Here are lots of little Christmas quilts in a row, all slightly different .  These are  done using  strips of Christmas fabric edged with gold braid, and finished with a gold star button on top of the tree.  I stitched them several years ago, keeping one for myself and the others were all gifts.  They were nice and quick to make.

DSCF2647 Display of Christmas quilts

So that’s my interpretation of the letter “D”.  If you would like to see what the other participants have come up with, see the Scatterdayer’s list on the side-bar on Cinzia’s blog.   


Ozjane said...

well done. Am dressed but not yet awake so will gather my few thoughts later.
I have a few dozing animals.....especially one Moggie who slept on my head last night.

Vireya said...

Cute pig!

Hope you get your drawers soon, and that the factory manager is OK.

cinzia said...

I love the dozing pig and can fully understand the frustration you would have living in boxes where drawers should be

Sue said...

Hope your bedroom furniture arrives soon, difficult living out of boxes. Great picture for feet.

aubirdwoman said...

love your pig, but glad its not mine lol. Your new home is looking fabulous.

Joy V said...

Love that pig! Hope it's not long before you can put your boxes into the 'Drawers'.

jacaranda said...

I don't mind packing boxes, but I hate the unpacking of them. Love your little pig.