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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Making slow progress

It was back to the new house today after a day off from dealing with all those boxes.  We had a shopping trip to Palmerston North, armed with a long list of storage solutions.  A couple of bedside lamps were  on the list too, but although we visited two lighting shops, we couldn’t find anything that took our fancy.  Never mind, we will just keep looking, we are sure to find just we we want, sooner or later.
My sewing room is still in quite a shambles.  Just look at this – boxes of books and magazines waiting to get put on the shelving, as soon as it is assembled.  And there are crates and crates of fabric, UFOs and quilts in the garage, waiting to be put away.  I’ll get there – sooner or later!
DSCF4696 Books and magazines waiting to be put on the shelves
I spent some time on my hands and knees with a cloth and a bottle of furniture polish in front of the wooden wall unit.  It was hot work on such a sunny afternoon, but it certainly looks much better now, so I’m pleased with my efforts.  Now I’ll be able to open even more boxes and put things away in the wall unit.

DSCF4694 A little spit and polish

After all this hot work, we called next door to return the dish, and thank the neighbour who had baked us fresh date scones the other day.  She kindly invited us inside her new home, to show us around.  After several months, they still hadn’t got through opening all their boxes yet either, she told me.  Our plan is to finally move in to our new home on Saturday afternoon.  After spending the last three months living in the caravan, that will certainly be a big change.  But we are really looking forward to it.

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