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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Scatterdays - I

This time Scatterdays is brought to you by the letter “I”.  The categories are Money, Tools, Metal, and for something quilt related, Inchies.  Is the letter I an easy one?  This is what I came up with.

Money - Income.  As a retired couple, our income these days comes courtesy of the New Zealand government, thanks very much.  Our handy Gold Card saves us a little of that income  by allowing us to travel free on local buses and trains during non peak hours on workdays, and all hours each weekend.  Makes a day out that much more affordable!
 DSCF4621 Handy Gold Card saves us some cash

Tools – Iron and Ironing Board.  These are very important tools indeed for quilters, indeed for any type of sewing at all.  And I am one of those who rather enjoy doing the household ironing!  Our house was sold several months ago and everything is put in storage while we waited for our new house to be built.  We got our new keys yesterday, and are slowly moving in, but will stay overnight in the caravan while we wait for our new furniture and curtains to arrive.  I’ve bought myself a new iron and ironing board to celebrate our move, and no doubt we will find it sooner or later as we start to remove all that “stuff” from the lock-up unit.

DSCF2893  My new iron and ironing board

Metal – Ingot.  There is a bit of a story attached to my gold ingot.  Our house and the next door neighbours house  were burgled some years ago by forcing open a small window and then a child was dropped through to open up the door.  The thieves went through the house, and stole several pieces of my jewellery, including my gold ingot.  When our insurance claim was settled, we went back to the manufacturing jeweller who had previously made some of the stolen pieces.  Helen, the jeweller, told us that she could make the replacement ingot by melting and casting the gold, rather than buy in an inferior ready made one from a chain of jewellers.  So she did – and this is the result.

DSCF4593 Gold Ingot

Inchies.  I have to admit defeat with Inchies, as I have never sewn any.  So the next best thing is my offering of this wall hanging, made with  pieces measuring  2inches by 1 inch.  This was made in a class many years ago, when I was quite new to P & Q.   I can’t even tell you what it is called, or the date it was made, as it is packed away in a crate or two with all the other quilts in our lock-up, which is packed to the gunnels with all the other household effects!  I will come across it soon, I’m sure.  But it is hand quilted, and used to hang above a door in the hallway of our previous house.

DSCF2497 No, not made with inchies

So that is my selection this time around.  Do check out what the other participants have chosen, all listed on Cinzia’s blog here.


Vireya said...

Congratulations on having the keys to your new home! I hope you are unpacked and settled in soon. At least your sewing stuff, anyway!

Isn't it a horrible feeling when your house is burgled? But your new gold ingot looks much nicer than the jewellery-shop ones.

Pauline said...

Hi Jenny. Your "I"s are very interesting. Like you I have an over 60s pass and love using it on transport. It has made me rethink using the car on a whim and planning my day more. I'm 'itching' for your report on moving into your new, lovely home and wonder if you are going to have some hens...some golden eggs might help with the next ingot, which is ab fab. Thanks also for the name of the Wellington patchwork shop, which I hope to visit when we can get to Wellington. Cheers

Pauline said...

Hi, Jenny! I left a comment about 30 mins ago but it seems to have gone into the ether! Am looking forward to your move and hearing about the joy after a long wait. Thanks for the name of the quilting shop in Welli..., which we hope to visit this year. I'm a senior too and love the $2.50 day ticket here. It has encouraged me to rethink using the car by planning my trips and walking a lot more. More $ in the wallet and fewer kg on the waistline, which has been a bonus.

Joy V said...

What a story about your ingot - it looks beautiful. Best of luck with unpacking!!!

jacaranda said...

Jenny, great ideas. I love the currency, there is always a story behind every note of some travel memories.

June said...

I have to ask Jenny, what are "inchies"? Is it an American term? and I too love your ingot, such a special piece with an interesting story. I'm really enjoying these Scatterdays and seeing what everyone comes up with.

Liz Needle said...

What a lovely chatty post.I am really enjoying this challenge and the lovely people involved in it. Thanks for sharing your stories.

Sue said...

Congratulations on moving into your new home. Sad you were burgled but the gold ingot story is lovely.

Ozjane said...

well done.....you made me remember I have a gold USB stick in the form of an ingot which I could have used. Not too bright today.

cinzia said...

iron and ironing board...never even crossed my mind, nor anyone else's that I've checked so far.
That would have been a real downer being burgled but love your new ingot.