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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Did you know…..

Did you know that cutting lino blunts your rotary cutter blade?  That’s why I gave Robin my old cutting board and cutter when he was trimming some left over pieces of lino to line the bottom of my pot drawer.  Having the lining in place really deadens the sound of those pots clunking when putting them away, and also stops them sliding around as you are rummaging through, looking for just the right one.

And did you know that I have found our old chest freezer in the garage is just the right height to use as a cutting table?  Previously I put the cutting board on the kitchen bench in our old house.  But the internal garage, which doubles as a laundry, is just through the doorway from my sewing room, so it is very handy.  I had forgotten that Robin had used my small rotary cutter on the lino, and wondered why it wasn’t cutting nicely.   But on using my larger cutter, it sliced through the fabric like butter.  What a difference. 
DSCF4787 The chest freezer is just the right height for me

I’ve been looking through some small projects which I had packed away, and want to get things organised so that I can spend a hour or two at the sewing machine.  Won’t that make a nice change from unpacking boxes?

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