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Monday, March 18, 2013

Fondling Fabric

I’ve  had a date with the iron over the last couple of mornings, sorting out my stash.  When we packed up and put things in storage several months ago, the fabric previously folded and stored in baskets was hurriedly tipped into plastic shopping bags for the trip to our hired lock-up unit.  The stash has now been liberated and I’ve spent quite some time standing over the ironing board.

DSCF4768Sorting through the pinks

I’ve been looking at it all, pressing, and refolding – in other words having a happy time fondling fabric.  Some of it I’d quite forgotten ever buying, let alone owning.  Other bits were old favourites, and brought back happy memories.  And some again I’d quite got over and could happily pass on to a new home. 

DSCF4785 A basket of blue, and one of pink

As well as what is now neatly put away in the baskets, I have several  of those fat quarter zip up bags containing Christmas fabric, New Zealand prints, and a whole lot of neutrals.  They are rather all squashed in, so could probably do with a decent sort through too. I don’t have a large stash, by any means, compared to some of those huge collections I’ve read about.  But I have got umpteen UFOs in various bags to finish, and a fair amount of fabric tucked away with them, so they will keep me busy.  In fact, I can’t wait to get to my sewing machine again!

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Maria said...

You have been busy doing one of favorite things,ironing..
The fabrics look great sorted in their baskets.