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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

We now have curtains

We have been feeling rather exposed, living in our new house with only net curtains in the lounge and dining room.  Not so bad in the day time of course, but once we turn the lights on in the evening it is a different matter.  So we are really pleased that our new curtains have finally arrived.  They came protected in large loose bags to keep them clean – rather like delivering quilts to a quilt show, don’t you think?

DSCF4771 New curtains protected in bags

With some drilling and screwing the curtain tracks were put in place.  Then the remaining nets were hung, followed by the drapes.   Raewyn from Ashton Interiors of Levin,  deftly placed a multitude of hooks into the curtain tape, then had to climb a ladder to hook these onto the sliders of the track.   No, her arms don’t get sore and tired from all this reaching over her head, she assured me.    Raewyn gave the drapes and Roman blind a tweak here and there until she was satisfied they were hanging nicely.

DSCF4777 Raewyn making final adjustments

We had originally chosen a pale mint green carpet, then were informed that it was no longer available, and had been replaced by a darker green.  So my ideas on the curtains were all up in the air.  After a lot of procrastination and trying all sorts of colours against my carpet sample I finally decided on green for the curtains. The lounge and dining room curtains have a self pattern of leaves, and the bedroom and my sewing room curtains are paler with a type of “ruching” meandering lengthwise.

DSCF4588 Curtain samples

Our new house in looking like a home now we finally have curtains.  I’m really pleased with the job that Raewyn did, and can certainly recommend her shop.  Now we don’t have to worry anymore about nosy neighbours peeking inside at night.  Our lounge faces the street and we always felt that the whole village could see us watching TV through the large windows.  But they were probably all tucked up safe and sound in their own villas and not in the least interested in what we were getting up to. And the bedrooms in our new house face the back yard, with 6 foot high timber fences all around.  There are no neighbours yet each side in the two next door properties, and the back of our yard is bounded by a stand of tall trees alongside a busy road.  So we really were safe from prying eyes when we got ready for bed each night.  It it really does feel so much nicer now that we can pull the drapes and shut the whole world out in the evenings!

DSCF4784Sewing room

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